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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Joshua John Hendrixson

As I stated in my previous post for William Henry Hendrix, this lineage is a probable lineage for Will. Until I can cite it as absolute fact, please do not take it as absolute fact. At this time, there is no factual direct link between Will and the parents mentioned in this post, and previous posts - yet.

Joshua John Hendrixson (sometimes referred in the records as Joshua J or John) married Charlotte "Charity" Redmon in 1856 in Dekalb, Tennessee. Together, they had two children - William Henry, born in 1859 in Dekalb County, and Sarah Jane, born about 1861/62, most likely, also in Dekalb County.
Joshua was born in Dekalb County to Wiley Hendrixson and his mother, Maranda. Maranda's maiden name remains unknown at the time of this posting. Both his parents were born in Tennessee, most likely Dekalb County.
Joshua had 4 known siblings - William C, Sarah/Susanna, Abraham H, and Nancy.
Joshua joined up with the Confederacy during the Civil War, shortly before or after the birth of his daughter, Sarah Jane. 
He enlisted with the 84th Regiment of the  Tennessee Infantry, Company E, along with his brothers, William and Abraham. 
All three brothers enlisted on the same day, 25 November 1862, in Smithville, Tennessee. Each of them agreed to a term of three years.
But on the 10 January 1863, while the regiment was camped near Shelbyville, Tennessee, Joshua, William, and Abraham deserted their regiment. 
Wherever they were going (probably home), Joshua and William were taken prisoner by the Union Forces. Abraham's file does not contain papers that state he was also taken prisoner. 
Did the two older brothers sacrifice themselves as prisoners so that the youngest brother could escape? One wonders.
Joshua and William's Civil War records do not say which Prisoner of War Camps they were sent to, but both brothers ended up in Union Hospitals in Nashville.
Joshua died there on 21 Mar 1863 of Rubiola. William died there on 14 Feb 1863 of Pneumonia. 
Younger brother, Abraham, must have made it home as he appears in the 1870 Fed Census in Dekalb County, married with two children. In later Census', he has several more children, and moves, first, to Illinois, then on to Texas.

 Abraham's record reporting his desertion on the same day and place as his brother's.

 William's records reporting his desertion and death.

Joshua's records reporting his desertion and death.

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