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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Blog Viewing

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Goals for 2016 - The Curtiss Branch

For the past few days, I have been preparing for my blog goals for 2016. There has been one lineage that I've wanted to blog about that goes back to some fascinating European history. So, with the exception of any posts that will reveal new information on other branches, my focus will be on the Curtiss and Kelsey branches. 
It begins with my 3rd great-grandfather, Kelsey Curtiss, through his father, Joel Curtiss, to his grandmother, Hannah Kelsey, and both her parents - Jonah Kelsey and Martha Nettleton. 
Both Jonah and Martha's lineages will be followed -sometimes jumping from one branch to another - as both ancestors lead to historical figures in European history.
Since I have some other time-consuming projects planned in 2016, in addition to this blog, I will make every attempt to schedule regular times for research and posting.
In the meantime, Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Family Christmas Past

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Monday, December 21, 2015

James Hendrix and Elsie Pagni

A photo of James Phalen Hendrix and Elsie Pagni, sent to me by their daughter, Edie. James was the son of Susan Spencer (daughter of Rodolph Ambrose Spencer and Telitha Humphries) and William H. Hendrix. Elsie was the daughter of Annibale Pagni and Elizabeth Boothryood.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

City Directory Research with the Bjorkmans

While I ponder on my next blog post, I decided today to do a little viewing of city directories. After a while, I decided this to be my next post.
City directories hold a wealth of information. It can help if you are timelining a family member. It can also help with filling in blanks on a variety of vital information.
Let's use Hilmar Bjorkman as an example. I call him Grandpa B.
The earliest city directory record I could find for Grandpa B was in Waukegan, 1916. 

Now, I found this interesting because there was a fact here that I didn't know - the residence. I had never heard of Grandpa and Grandma B. living on Helmholtz Ave. in Waukegan. A quick Google Map check shows that Helmholtz Avenue runs east/west between S. Jackson St. to the west and S. Geneesee St. to the east. Where the grandparents lived lays between S. Lincoln (west) and Sunderlin (east) with George Ave (north) and Cummings Ave (south). There wasn't a street view photo for Helmholtz Avenue, but just the map gave an exact location. 
I also know from the directory year - 1916 - that Mom and Uncle Earl were not born yet. It was the year that Uncle Ivan was born, so I think it is safe to say that Grandpa and Grandma B, Uncle Rollie, and Uncle Ivan lived here. 
Many of the early directories would give occupations. In this case, the directory has Grandpa B.'s occupation as painter. 
Such is the case in the 1939 Waukegan City Directory when Grandpa and Grandma B lived on Jackson in the North Chicago area of Waukegan. It shows Grandpa B. as a painter, and Mom as an assembler at Giolite Corp.
There is another interesting fact about this particular directory listing. In the same household is Harold S Bjorkman. I believe this may be Harold Sondee. It doesn't say why he was listed as living there, and I don't know if he and Aunt Nora had already moved to Florida or not at that time. 
One other thing about this listing. It is the last listing on the page, so it is always a good thing to check the next page for any other information, such as what I found when I did just that.
Well, well, well......at the top is Aunt Irene, a glass moulder at Giolite. Uncle Ivan's listing is right below Aunt Irene, living with Grandpa and Grandma B. Two listings below is Aunt Irene's husband, Uncle Rollie, a bundler at AS&W. 
So, you see, it's always best to check the following page when someone is listed as last on the previous page. That also holds true for anyone as a first listing on a page - check the previous page.
This brings me to make another point - family members on the same page in the same directory.
Here, in the 1945 San Diego City Directory, second column of the page, is Rocky and Mom living on Penn Avenue.
And look who I find in the first column of the same page.  Rocky's brother, Bud (Bart C), a salesman, living on Arizona. Rocky's parents, Bart and Ellen, living on Grim St, and Rocky's sister, Betty Lou, a couple of listings down.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

From the Mitchell Branch - Anne Elizabeth Cody

I was contacted recently by a gentleman on Ancestry. He and his wife were sorting through the many photographs from his wife's family and they came across a photograph that did not have any connection to her. They surmise that she was, perhaps, a friend of the family.  
Obviously, they viewed my tree and found the extensive research I had done on the Mitchell branch, including the Cody family.
They emailed me this photograph of Anne Elizabeth Cody.
Anne was the daughter of Patrick J. Cody and Mary Jane Giblin.
Patrick (son of Michael Cody and Catherine Anna Powers) and Mary Jane (daughter of Michael Giblin and Margaret Mitchell) had six daughters and two sons - Mary Mae Frances, Thomas Joseph, Raymond John, Catherine M, Anne Elizabeth, Ellen T (Nellie), Agnes Loretta, and Grace Cecelia.
Anne died at the age of eighteen in Sioux City, Iowa. She is buried in the St. Ann's Cemetery in Vail, Iowa. 

On a side note, I reached a milestone with this blog. This is my 100th blog post.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rodolph Spencer's Lineage

Before I continue on down the Spencer line, just a few more mentions of John and Nancy's children.
Their son, John Otis, married twice. His first marriage to Zillah Atwood produced no children. His second marriage to Elvira Hall produced six children.
Their son, Jason, married Louisa Huntington, of which, five children were born to them.
Their son, Urbane, married a woman named Fanny, and they had one daughter - Elizabeth.
Their daughter, Persis, married Rodney McPherson, and they had 5 children.
As for their other children, I have no marriages associated with them.

John was the son of Jeremiah Spencer and Hannah Hinckley. Hannah's surname is disputed among researchers as some add the Hinckley surname and others claim it is unknown. Hannah is believed to have been the daughter of Ichabod Hinckley and Mary Bassett. This is completely unproven and I will need to do more research on Hannah.
Jeremiah and Hannah had nine known children. 
Jeremiah was born, and died, in Washington County, New York. He was the unproven son of Phineas Spencer and Martha Stevens. Unproven because there is no document that specifically links him to his parents, though researchers who have analyzed the records for Washington County have concluded that, according to dates given, Jeremiah only connects to Phineas and Martha. 
Phineas was born in Haddam, Connecticut. Martha was born in Killingworth, Connecticut. They both died in Spencertown, New York. I have eight known children for them, including Jeremiah.
Phineas was the son of Nathaniel Spencer and Lydia Bailey. Phineas had eight known siblings.
Nathaniel's Spencer lineage traces back 17 generations starting with his father, Gerard,Jr, to William Talvas Montgomery Spencer. Nathaniel's grandfather, Gerard, Sr, was the Spencer immigrant ancestor.
William Talvas Montgomery Spencer was the son of Robert d'Arbetot (or deSpencer). Robert fought alongside William the Conqueror during his English invasion. William's siblings married into royal lineages from England, France, and Spain.

I will probably come back to this post to add more info and such. It has taken me about a month just to get this, my 100th post, up on the blog, so I kind of rushed through it, being the holidays and all.

Oops, my bad. This is my 99th post.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bjorkmans and Sondees - Photo Update

Bottom Row Left to Right: Ivan Bjorkman, Earl Bjorkman, Rudy Roshanka (seated), Esther Sondee, Ragnar (Corky) Sondee, Svea Sondee Hedman
Middle Row Left to Right: Rollie Bjorkman, Grandma, Mom, Aunt Nora Sondee, Melanie (Oscar's wife), Unknown, Louise Roshanka, Lloyd Hedman (Svea's husband) with his hand on Svea's chair,
Top Row Left to Right: Unknown, Grandpa, Uncle Harald Sondee, Oscar Sondee, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

I am re-posting this photograph as new information has recently been discovered about it. 
The photo was taken at the Sondee residence on McAlister in North Chicago in 1927.
The event was Corky's High School Graduation. Rudy Roshanka was a classmate of Corky's and they were both in the History and Math Clubs.
I have been working with Rudy's niece as she believes the woman in plaid (middle row toward the right side) could be her Aunt Helen, Rudy's sister. If that is the case, then the man behind her and the man to her right are also connected to the Roshanka family as the man behind her has his arm about her waist and the man to her right has his hand over her hand. For now, though, officially there are still seven people unidentified in the photograph.
At the time the photo was taken, the Sondee family lived on McAllister and the Roshanka family lived on Lincoln - both in North Chicago. Grandpa and Grandma lived on N. Butrick in Waukegan.
Corky graduated from Waukegan High School.
I will update as facts become available. 

Update: I have changed the person identifications in the photograph with added corrections provided by Ragnar and Mildred's daughter. 
There are still 7 unknown persons to identify.

Rudy and Louise Roshanka have been identified by their niece.
With the positive identification of Louise, this brings the number of unknown identities to six.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tryphosa and Tryphena Spencer - Two Sisters, Same Husband

So, let's head back to the Spencer family of John Spencer and Nancy Warriner and their two daughters - Tryphosa and Tryphena.
About twelve years of age separated the two sisters, with Tryphosa being the eldest sister.
Tryphosa married Caleb Clossen in Jefferson County, New York in 1823. They had six children born to them between 1824 and 1833 - Albert, John, Jared, Joseph, Hannah, and Amasa. Not much is known about Caleb at this time, other than he was born in 1800 in Ontario, Canada.
The family lived in Jefferson County until Tryphosa's death in 1837. Sometime between that year and 1850, Caleb moved to Minnesota.
There are two headstones in Jefferson County that may indicate that Caleb had married twice before his marriage to Tryphosa. One stone has the name Susan or Sisen with a death year of 1821, and the other stone has the name Hannah with a death year of 1839, although this contradicts his marriage to Tryphena. Hannah could have been his daughter, although the stone indicates a wife.
The stones are side by side.
Caleb married his wife's sister, Tryphena, in 1842 in Minnesota. This was the second marriage for Tryphena, who had married Frederick Kilbourn in Jefferson County, 1937. Tryphena and Frederick had a son, Alonzo, in 1838. But Frederick died, 1839, in Jefferson County. 
Together, Caleb and Tryphena had eight children - Schuyler, Kina Emma, Susan, Charles, DeWitt, Ella, Dwight, and Flora. 
Caleb died in 1884 in Minnesota. Tryphena died in 1893 in North Dakota. They are buried together in Todd County, Minnesota.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

William Hendrix' Mother and Sister

Before I begin with Charity and Sarah Jane, I want to say that the Hendrix spelling has several variations. I believe the earliest spelling was Hendrikson. Other variations have been Hendrixson, Hendricks, and Hendrix.

So, now, let's talk about Charity.
Charlotte Redmon (also spelled Redman) was born in DeKalb County, Tennessee to Harmon and Mary (aka Polly) Green. Her siblings include Benjamin, Mary, Jesse, Lucy, William, Martha, Susanna, and Sarah. Some researchers include a youngest daughter, Larana, but I have found no evidence of her.
Harmon was born in North Carolina to Benjamin and Lucy (Zimmerman) Redmon, both from Virginia. His wife, Polly, was born in South Carolina, but her parents are unknown at the time of this posting.
With Abraham's escape from being taken prisoner by Union forces, I'm sure word reached Charity of her husband's capture. I'm not sure, though, how long it would take for her to learn of her husband's demise, as in the 1870 Fed Census, she is listed in the household of her parents, using her maiden name for both herself and her children - William and Sarah Jane.
Charity marries Elijah Hurst in 1871. The couple have 4 children - Martha, Fielding, Elijah Senate, and Harmon Elza.
Elijah passed away in 1932, and Charity followed in 1939. They are buried in the Hurst Cemetery, along with Will and Sarah Jane, in Chester County, Tennessee.
Now, there is another connection between the Hendrix and Hurst families. Elijah had a brother, Synnet Young Hurst.
Synnet married Sarah Jane Hendrix, making mother and daughter sisters-in-law. 
Sarah Jane first married James Weaver in 1877. They had a daughter, Loganie. Sarah married second Synnet Y. Hurst. Her second marriage produced 6 children - William, Cleve, Launia, Elijah, Jacob, and Synnet. 
Sarah Jane died in 1906, and Synnet in 1932. Both are buried in the Hurst Cemetery, Chester County, Tennessee.

Synnet Young Hurst and his wife,
Sarah Jane Hendrix
Photo Courtesy of the Kelley's in 
Tennessee Family Tree

Elijah Hurst and his wife, Charlotte "Charity" Redmon
Photo Courtesy of the Burkhead Wheeler Family Tree

Charlotte "Charity" Redmon Hendrixson Hurst
Photo Courtesy of the Kelley's in Tennessee Family Tree

Record of Sarah Jane's first marriage
to James Weaver

Record of Charity's first marriage to Joshua Hendrixson
(Note: Joshua is recorded as John Hendrickson)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Joshua John Hendrixson

As I stated in my previous post for William Henry Hendrix, this lineage is a probable lineage for Will. Until I can cite it as absolute fact, please do not take it as absolute fact. At this time, there is no factual direct link between Will and the parents mentioned in this post, and previous posts - yet.

Joshua John Hendrixson (sometimes referred in the records as Joshua J or John) married Charlotte "Charity" Redmon in 1856 in Dekalb, Tennessee. Together, they had two children - William Henry, born in 1859 in Dekalb County, and Sarah Jane, born about 1861/62, most likely, also in Dekalb County.
Joshua was born in Dekalb County to Wiley Hendrixson and his mother, Maranda. Maranda's maiden name remains unknown at the time of this posting. Both his parents were born in Tennessee, most likely Dekalb County.
Joshua had 4 known siblings - William C, Sarah/Susanna, Abraham H, and Nancy.
Joshua joined up with the Confederacy during the Civil War, shortly before or after the birth of his daughter, Sarah Jane. 
He enlisted with the 84th Regiment of the  Tennessee Infantry, Company E, along with his brothers, William and Abraham. 
All three brothers enlisted on the same day, 25 November 1862, in Smithville, Tennessee. Each of them agreed to a term of three years.
But on the 10 January 1863, while the regiment was camped near Shelbyville, Tennessee, Joshua, William, and Abraham deserted their regiment. 
Wherever they were going (probably home), Joshua and William were taken prisoner by the Union Forces. Abraham's file does not contain papers that state he was also taken prisoner. 
Did the two older brothers sacrifice themselves as prisoners so that the youngest brother could escape? One wonders.
Joshua and William's Civil War records do not say which Prisoner of War Camps they were sent to, but both brothers ended up in Union Hospitals in Nashville.
Joshua died there on 21 Mar 1863 of Rubiola. William died there on 14 Feb 1863 of Pneumonia. 
Younger brother, Abraham, must have made it home as he appears in the 1870 Fed Census in Dekalb County, married with two children. In later Census', he has several more children, and moves, first, to Illinois, then on to Texas.

 Abraham's record reporting his desertion on the same day and place as his brother's.

 William's records reporting his desertion and death.

Joshua's records reporting his desertion and death.

Kete E Curtiss Will

I know I said I would write a post about Tryphena and Tryphosa Spencer. I have not forgotten. 
I also said my next post will be about Will Hendrix' father, Joshua. I will post that one immediately after this one.
But, first, I want to post a few key pages from Kate Curtiss' probate records. I found them on Ancestry yesterday.
A little refresher on background. Kate was the daughter of Kelsey Curtiss and Eliza Sutliffe. She was, also, Emma Curtiss' sister. Emma was the second wife of Rodolph Spencer, and mother of Lilla. 
I believe Emma was close to her sister, Lilla, and named her only child after her. I believe that Emma's daughter grew close to her Aunt Kate when she was sent to Minnesota after her mother died - and named one of her daughters, Kate (my grandmother), in honor of her Aunt. Lilla also named another daughter in honor of her Aunt Lilla (and, probably, herself). 
The Waseca Historical Society had this file that they would send for a fee. I, at one time years ago, was going to send for it, but never did. Well, I finally have it. The file has approximately 43 or so pages in it. Most are court orders for appointing administrator of the will, bondsmen, etc. I am only posting the key pages.


The Final Decree of Distribution

Estate Hearing Notice published in the Janesville Argus.

Order of Appointing Appraisers.
I found this interesting as one of the names of the court appointed appraisers was a Comstock. Kate's maternal grandmother was a Comstock.

Receipts of some of the expenses involving Aunt Kate's funeral and such. I couldn't help thinking how great it would be if we had those kinds of costs today.

A page from one of the court documents that records Aunt Kate's father as an heir. His age is 86.

This last page I'm posting is the Petition for Administration filed in court by Aunt Kate's sister, Lilla. It clearly states that Aunt Lilla is Kate's sister.

At the time of Aunt Kate's passing in 1910, Grandfather Kelsey and Aunt Lilla were the only family members still residing in Waseca County with Kate. Grandma Emma and Aunt Lucy, along with Uncle William, had predeceased Aunt Kate. I believe Uncle Frank was in Arizona at the time, and Uncle Edgar was in California. 
For the next seven years, Aunt Lilla took care of her father, Kelsey, until he passed away in 1917. Aunt Lilla passed away in 1926. Uncle Edgar passed away in California in 1938. 
At the time of this post, it is still unknown when Uncle Frank passed on.