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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Winding Down on my ArkivDigital Sub with the Bjerkmann Branch

So, I only have a few days left on my 3 month sub for ArkivDigital. I believe I've accomplished a lot this time around.
I had been researching in the last weeks the siblings of Andreas Olsen Bjerkmann. So, it goes like this:

1. Olle Jacobsen - married 3 times
    1st wife: Catarina Svensdotter
     Child 1: Maja Olsdotter
       married: Olof Bryngelsson
        Children: Emanuel, Lisa Kasja, Kristina, Sara Stina, Mina,
                       Carl Magnus, Gustaf, and Otto (Otto used the
                       surname Bjorkman)
      Child 2: Jacob Olsen Bjorkman
                   Jacob married twice and had eight children. All
                   but the youngest was from his first wife.
      Child 3: Stina Olsdotter
                   Stina had 3 children out of wedlock - Jonas,
                   Christina, and Anna Kajsa. When Anna was born
                   Stina was called into court for having too many
                   illegitimate children. She was given a prison term
                   of a month, I believe, with bread and water.
      Child 4: Casja Olsdotter died at the age of 16 years old.
      Child 5: Andreas (see previous posts for Andreas)

Olle did not have any children with his second wife, Ingeborg
Jansdotter. But he did have two children with his third wife,
Maria Bryngelsdotter.
If you look above, you will see that Olle's daughter, Maja, 
married Olof Bryngelsson. This was Maria's brother. So, Maja's
step-mother was also her sister-in-law, and her father was her
I think we are delving into "I'm my own Grandpa"!
Olle and Maria had two children together - Carl/Karl and 
On my next post, I will start with Karl.

Sjöholm Progress

Progess on the Sjoholm's have advanced with my ArkivDigital
I had kept the focus on filling out more information about Ragnhild's siblings. Ragnhild being my maternal grandmother.
I was missing some info on some of them, but I have made great strides on that missing information.
I'll start with Ragnhild's oldest sister, Elin. After searching for several years, I had finally found out about her second husband. Up until recently, he was known as "Mr. Anderberg". Well, no more. 
Elin married Svante Robert Anderberg.
Okay, a little backtrack here - Elin married Gustaf Teador Noren in Skalvum in 1914. The couple moved to Ledsjo, where
they lived for a number of years until they moved to Falkopings. Shortly after the move, Gustaf died.
Elin stays in Falkopings until 1929 when she makes a move to Gamlestads. It is here, the year of her move, that she marries Svante Robert Anderberg. 
Elin and Robert do not have any children together. In fact, Elin remains childless throughout her life. But Robert had a son, Robert Allan, from his first marriage to Selma Lovisa Settergren. It appears that a year or two before Robert and Elin married, she had known Robert and his family in Falkopings as this is where they all had moved from into Gamlestads.
The couple remain in Gamlestads until Svante Robert's death in 1934. Elin remains there for about a year before moving into Orgryte. She remains there for a year before moving on to Gotene. I believe this is where she lives for the rest of her life, passing away in 1963. She is buried under her first husband's surname.

The only other sibling that I have been having trouble with is Ragnhild's brother, Gottfrid. All I had for him was that he moved to Norway (like brother Georg), and married a woman named Laura Sarefia (no surname). 
Unlike Georg, whom I had found in Birkeland, Gottfrid is found in Oslo in the address books (directories). 
Now, thanks to my cousin in Norway who did a lot of digging into records I don't have access to, she put together Gottfrid and wife, Laura.
So, I'll start with Laura Serafia (I just love that name!) whose maiden name was Gustafsdotter. Laura was born in Korlanda, Varmland to Gustaf Persson and Maria Lisa Pettersdotter. 
It appears that Laura moved to Norway in 1903 alone, but in 1902 she had a son, Alf, by Aksel Olsen Wadman. The two were not married at the time of Alf's birth, but eventually married and lived together in Oslo until Aksel's passing in 1916.
Gottfrid and Laura married in 1918 and they lived in Oslo until their deaths. I still don't have exact death dates, but Gottfrid died sometime after 1950. Laura died about 1955. They had no children together.