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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rodolph Spencer's Lineage

Before I continue on down the Spencer line, just a few more mentions of John and Nancy's children.
Their son, John Otis, married twice. His first marriage to Zillah Atwood produced no children. His second marriage to Elvira Hall produced six children.
Their son, Jason, married Louisa Huntington, of which, five children were born to them.
Their son, Urbane, married a woman named Fanny, and they had one daughter - Elizabeth.
Their daughter, Persis, married Rodney McPherson, and they had 5 children.
As for their other children, I have no marriages associated with them.

John was the son of Jeremiah Spencer and Hannah Hinckley. Hannah's surname is disputed among researchers as some add the Hinckley surname and others claim it is unknown. Hannah is believed to have been the daughter of Ichabod Hinckley and Mary Bassett. This is completely unproven and I will need to do more research on Hannah.
Jeremiah and Hannah had nine known children. 
Jeremiah was born, and died, in Washington County, New York. He was the unproven son of Phineas Spencer and Martha Stevens. Unproven because there is no document that specifically links him to his parents, though researchers who have analyzed the records for Washington County have concluded that, according to dates given, Jeremiah only connects to Phineas and Martha. 
Phineas was born in Haddam, Connecticut. Martha was born in Killingworth, Connecticut. They both died in Spencertown, New York. I have eight known children for them, including Jeremiah.
Phineas was the son of Nathaniel Spencer and Lydia Bailey. Phineas had eight known siblings.
Nathaniel's Spencer lineage traces back 17 generations starting with his father, Gerard,Jr, to William Talvas Montgomery Spencer. Nathaniel's grandfather, Gerard, Sr, was the Spencer immigrant ancestor.
William Talvas Montgomery Spencer was the son of Robert d'Arbetot (or deSpencer). Robert fought alongside William the Conqueror during his English invasion. William's siblings married into royal lineages from England, France, and Spain.

I will probably come back to this post to add more info and such. It has taken me about a month just to get this, my 100th post, up on the blog, so I kind of rushed through it, being the holidays and all.

Oops, my bad. This is my 99th post.