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So, this is Dad and Mom. Ray is the son of Conrad Herrmann and Kate Bundock. He is the step-son of Edith Armstrong and Wally Hewitt. ...

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Bundock Sisters - Kate, Re, Tid, and Lou

Kate, Tid, and Lou

Kate and Re

Kate, Re, and Lou

Monday, July 25, 2016

On Hold

Due to changing circumstances, this blog is on hold until further notice.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Cousins through Hannah Mayhew

I know it's been a while, but here are my cousin connections through Hannah Mayhew in a nutshell.

James Butler Hickok aka "Wild Bill"
5 Cousin 5x removed

George Walker Herbert Bush
9 Cousin 1x removed (and all the "little" Bush's, too)

Gregory Peck
9th Cousin 1x removed

Hannah had a sister, Martha, who married Thomas Tupper, Jr. There are 3 people who descended from this branch:

Sir Charles Tupper
6th Prime Minister of Canada
5th Cousin 6x removed

Earl Silas Tupper
founder of Tupperware
8th Cousin 3x removed


Ken Burns
10th Cousin 1x removed

Through Hannah's brother, Thomas, comes the Folger Family:

William Folger
Rear Admiral, United States Navy
7th Cousin 4x removed

J.A. Folger
Founder of Folger's Coffee
8th Cousin 3x removed

Abigail Folger
Granddaughter of J.A., Manson Murder
10th Cousin 1x removed

Henry Clay Folger, Jr
Chairman, Standard Oil
Founder, Folger Shakespeare Library

Other cousins are: James Sherman (27th U.S. Vice President), Marilyn Monroe, Taylor Swift, and Bill Gates. I don't have them in my database yet. When they are added, I will revise this post.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ellen Regina Welch Mitchell Orgins

It's easy to get sidetracked on paternal lines. In the records, they are, for the most part, easier to research. But one must not forget the maternal branches. After all, they do make up one half of a family unit.
Ellen surrounded by her Grandchildren
Ellen Welch was born in 1888 to James C Welch and Mary Carroll. I think we can safely assume that she was born in Marshalltown, Iowa since her parents married and resided there from 1880 until their deaths.
Ellen had four siblings - Josephine, Charles Carroll, Marie Frances, and Catherine Margaret. All having been born in Marshalltown.
Her sister, Josephine, resided in Marshall County all of her life. She married John Macklin in 1909, and, together, they had seven children. 
Her brother, Charles Carroll Welch, died at the young age of 15 and is buried in Marshalltown.
Marie Frances married William Charles White, 1919, in Crawford County. For a time they resided in Marshalltown before moving to San Diego, California. They had four children with the first two born in Iowa, and the last two born in California. William and Marie are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in San Diego, California.
The youngest daughter of James and Mary, Catherine, married Maurice Francis Jackson in Marshall County, and they, too, moved to San Diego. It was there that they had their family of four children. Except, maybe, their son, Maurice, Jr, who records his birth place as Marshalltown on all of his records.
Maurice and Catherine both died in San Diego County, but the location of the graves are unknown as of this post.

Ellen's Obituary
Ellen's father, James, was born in Vernon, Indiana to James Welch and Bridget McCarrick.  Both of his parents were born in Ireland. Some of his siblings were born in Ireland, some in New York, and some in Indiana. His siblings were David, John, Mary, Bridget, Thomas, Catherine, Martin, and Ellen.
Mary Anne's baptismal Record
from County Kilkenny, Ireland
Ellen's mother, Mary Anne, was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland to Daniel Carroll and Mary Phelan. Any siblings are unknown as of this post.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Few Mitchell Finds

So, I'm still adding well-known cousins to my tree through Hannah Mayhew.
Until I'm finished, I did a little poking around the ole' Mitchell Branch to see if I could find anything new. I've been searching the Catholic Parish Records in Roscommon, but haven't come up with anything yet. Some of those records are very hard to read, so it takes time.
I did find a few things, though, for the Mitchells in the U.S. 
First, I want to go over the Miley's. Remember them? I wrote a post a while back about researching them has been a lesson in patience. 
Well, I found the Will of Mary Mitchell Miley. It opened up John and Mary's children a wee bit more. 
First, here is her will.

So, I discovered a few things about Mary's children - John, Jr., Jane, Annie, Mary, Katie Ann, Winnie, and Alice Rose.
John, Jr. - I don't know why Mary left John, Jr. out of her will. He was alive at the time Mary passed away. There are only two reasons I can think of: one - they were estranged. Maybe that whole custody battle caused a rift between them or something; two - maybe, Mary didn't think he needed anything. That he was doing just fine on his own. Whatever the reason, he's not mentioned.
Jane - She wasn't mentioned either. However, I did some checking to see if, perhaps, she had passed away before Mary. She didn't - and Jane isn't her real name. Jennie Elizabeth is her real name.
Jennie married Jacob T. Lingle, and they had 10 children. They lived in Chicago where most of their children were born. I couldn't find a death date for Jennie, but Jacob died there in 1914. A couple of their kids moved to Wisconsin.
I have the name Jane for Mary's mother. Some researchers have the name Jennie. Judging from Mary's daughter, both could be correct with Jane being a type of nicname for Jennie.
Annie is another child of Mary's not mentioned in her will. I still haven't been able to find out anything about her, and am wondering if she passed away prior to Mary. I lost track of Annie after the 1880 Fed Census.
Mary is mentioned in the will with the surname of Connell. I did some checking, and Mary had married Thomas Connell. I found no record that they had any children. Mary was 16 years old when she married Thomas in Crawford County. The exact date was not recorded, but it was entered in the County Registration book in Jan 1884.
Katie Ann is, also, mentioned in the Will. It was her husband, Timothy, that was executor of Mary's Will. Katie and Timothy lived in Omaha, Nebraska.
I have found nothing further for Winnie, although the Will did verify that she had married a man by the last name of Lobb.
Alice Rose was left Mary's house. I already knew that she had married Augustin Abts and had two children. Newly discovered info was their death dates - Alice in 1959, and Augustin in 1960. They both died in Nebraska. I also found Alice's death certificate and funeral card on Ancestry.

I also found Bartley and Mary Gaffey Mitchell's Wills, and Michael Giblin's Will. Michael was married to Margaret, sister of Bartley and Mary Miley.

Bartley and Mary Gaffey Mitchell Wills.

Michael Giblin's Will. All I can say about Michael's Will is that he must have been one of the richest men in the county for the amount of money he bequeathed. It did verify that his son, William, was adopted, and that he thought his original surname was Avery. He also mentions that William arrived in his home through the Parish Priest. Because William was born in New York, I am wondering if he was an Orphan Train child.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Last of the White/Allgar Cousins - For Now, Anyway

Zac Efron
11th Cousin

Frank Billings Kellogg
U.S. Secretary of State
Nobel Peace Prize
7th Cousin 4x Removed

 Lee B Loomis
Armored Car Service
7th Cousin 4x removed

John Pierpont Morgan, Sr (above, right), and his son, John Pierpont Morgan, Jr. (left)
Father and Son - Bankers, Financiers
Sr. was the husband of my 9th Cousin 3x removed (wife Frances Louisa Tracy), and JP, Jr. was my 10th Cousin 2x removed.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Guess What? More Cousin Connections

Yeah, I know, I know. Getting old. But I wanted to get all the cousin connections recorded before moving on. 
I found two more from the White-Allgar branch, and there is more from the Mayhew/Mahieu branch.
Here is the two newly discovered cousins. Both are
10th Cousins 1x removed.

Christopher Reeve

David Hyde Pierce

So, let's play "catch-up" on some other cousin connections through Robert White and Bridget Allgar.

William Sidney Porter
aka O. Henry
Author of one of my favorite stories, "Gift of the Magi"
8th Cousin 4x removed

Samuel Colt
Founder of the Colt Firearm
6th Cousin 5x removed

Gordon B. Hinckley
Past President of the Church of Latter Day Saints
7th Cousin 4x removed

Joseph Farwell Glidden
Inventor of Barbed Wire
5th Cousin 4x removed

Henry Wells
Businessman involved with Wells Fargo and Co., and American Express
6th Cousin 5x removed

I do have more, but I have not added them to the family tree yet. I will post when they're added.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Some Other Interesting Cousin Connections of the White/Allgar Branch

So, before I got side-tracked on other posts, I was recording cousin connections through the Robert White and Bridget Allgar family branch.
There are a few more that I'll briefly mention now:

William Williams - Member of the Continental Congress and Signer of the Declaration of Independence.
He is my 4th Cousin, 8x removed.

Lee De Forest
Self proclaimed "Father of Radio" and "Grandfather of Televison".
Lee invented the "grid audion", an invention that formed the foundation for the Vacuum Tube Technology.
He was my 8th Cousin 4x removed.

Another 8th Cousin 4x removed is Henry Lee Higginson.
Henry founded the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Charles Gates Dawes
30th Vice President of the United States under Calvin Coolidge
9th Cousin 2x removed.
Even though we are cousins through his Maternal Gates branch, Charles was a descendant, through his Paternal Dawes branch, of William Dawes, who rode with Paul Revere on his famous ride in 1775.

Frank Billings Kellogg
U.S. Senator, MN, Secretary of State under Calvin Coolidge
He is my 7th Cousin 4x removed.

William Earle Dodge, Sr.
Congressman, NY
Founding member of the YMCA
Native American Rights Activist
One of the "Merchant Princes" of Wall Street, pre-Civil War
Called Slavery "evil" and was considered the Essence of "Carpetbaggers".
He was my 7th Cousin 5x removed.
William's son, Charles Cleveland Dodge, is my 8th cousin 4x removed. Charles was one of the youngest Brigadier Generals during the Civil War, having attained the rank at 21 years of age.

All of these are descendants of Robert White and Bridget Allgar.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ray and Ether Herrmann 64th Anniversary of An Anniversary

Tomorrow marks the 64th anniversary of my parents first marriage. First? Yes, first.
They met through Mom's cousin, Kjell, who was friends with Dad.
When they decided to marry, they drove to Yuma, Arizona (from San Diego), along with Aunt Millie and Uncle Ivan, Mom's brother and sister-in-law.
At Byrd's Cottage Wedding Chapel on First Street, they were married, in the presence of Aunt Millie and Uncle Ivan, by Ersel C. Byrd, Justice of the Peace.
There was one slight problem though. Years later, Dad was reading the paper and came across an article about Mr. Byrd. He wasn't a legal JoP. All the marriages he had performed through the years were illegal. Fortunately, because he had performed thousands of marriages, the State of Arizona declared all marriages performed by him as legal. Whew!
2nd Marriage
But that's not the reason they had a first marriage. 
There were a couple of rocky patches in the marriage, one resulting in a divorce in the 80s. Even though they got back together before the divorce was finalized, it still passed through the County Clerk filing. Thus, the second marriage on the 6th of April, 1985 in Pine Valley, CA. 
So, they were married, then they weren't, then they were, then they weren't, then they were.
Only in our family.
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A New Find for Herman Sjoholm

I ran across this on the University of Linkoping's website.

Böteslängderna för Linköping (1800-1900) och Norrköping (1832-1894)

The original transcribed record:

Häktade Sjömannen och Målaregesällen Herman Justus Sjöholm
Stad: Linköping
Boställe: Dinbo Socken Skaraborgs Län
Paragraf i protkoll: -
Nummer i protokoll: 328
Källa: Landsarkivet i Vadstena AIIIa:27
Förseelse: för första resan stöld
Domdatum: 1876-09-25
Straff: Straffarbete
Anmärkning: Som Swaranden, hwilka, efter hwad upplyst och medgifwet är, undergått bestraffning för andra resan snatteri, genom egen friwillig bekännelse är förwunnen att natten emellan den 11 och 12 i denna månad i Målaren J. T. O. Dawidssons werkstadsrum här i Staden hafwa olofligen sig tillegnat målaregesällen F. W. Högström tillhörige en ytterråck af doffel, ett silfwercylinderuhr och en mössa, bland hwilka till Sextioen kronor 50 öre wärderade saker endast uhret och mössan tillrättakommit och blifwit återställde till Målsegaren, som icke fordrat ersättning för den förskingrade råcken; Alltså och i förmågo af 20 Capitlet 1 och 18 §§ i Strafflagen samt Kongl. Förordningen den 31 October 1873, pröfwar RådstufwuRätten rättwist döma honom, Herman Justus Sjöholm, att, för första resan stöld af gods till förenämnde wärde, hållas till straffarbete i Fyra månader och wara förlustig medborgerligt förtroende under en tid af tre år utöfwer strafftiden....

A Google Translation as good as it will get:                                          

The sailor arrested and Målaregesällen Herman Justus Sjöholm
City: Linkoping
Boställe: Dinbo Parish Skaraborg
Section of protocols: -
Number in minutes: 328
Source: Regional Archives in Vadstena AIIIa: 27
Misdemeanor: for the first trip theft
Domdatum: 1876-09-25
Penalty: Penalty Work
Note: As Swaranden, hwilka after hwad enlightened and medgifwet is undergoing punishment for the second trip shoplifting, through self friwillig confession is förwunnen that night between the 11 and 12 of this month in the painter JTO Dawid's werkstadsrum this city hafwa Olof writing to the gnat målaregesällen FW Högström tillhörige a ytterråck of doffel, a silfwercylinderuhr and a cap, among hwilka to sixty crowns 50 ore wärderade things only uhret and cap grips come and blifwit restored to Målsegaren, non claimed compensation for the embezzled railings; Thus, and in förmågo of 20 Capitlet §§ 1 and 18 of the Penal Code and the Royal. Regulation of 31 October 1873, pröfwar RådstufwuRätten rättwist judge him, Herman Justus Sjöholm, that, for the first trip theft of goods to the before mentioned Warde, kept to hard labor for four months and wara forfeits civic trust for a period of three years utöfwer sentence ... .

Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day

I missed a lot of Mom's in the family, mostly because I didn't have the pics of them that fit in the theme of the vid. I chose random themed photo's, some of them my favorites.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

White/Allgar Connection to the Civil War

Robert White/Bridget Allgar


Mary White/Joseph Loomis
Elizabeth Loomis/Josiah Hull
Martha Hull/John Nettleton
Martha Nettleton/Jonah Kelsey
Hannah Kelsey/Joel Curtis
Joel Curtiss/Mary Hall
Kelsey Curtiss/Eliza Sutliff
Emma Curtiss/Rodolph Spencer
Lilla Spencer/George Bundock
Kate Bundock/Conrad Herrmann
Ray Herrmann/Esther Bjorkman
Myself and My Siblings

Owen Brown, father of John,
Helped to establish one of the
first Way Stations on the
Underground Railroad.
Mary White/Joseph Loomis
John Loomis/Elizabeth Ann Scott
Elizabeth Loomis/John Brown
John Brown/Mary Eggleston
John Brown/Hannah Owen
Owen Brown/Ruth Mills
John Brown/Dianthe Lusk

John Brown
Yes, John Brown, the Abolitionist of Harper's Ferry, was my 5th Cousin, 6x removed.