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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Paternal Family History of Grandpa Hewitt

Grandpa Hewitt's family history can be traced back to Captain Thomas Hewitt (1630-1662), a sea merchant who lived in Stonington, Connecticut. Thomas sailed out of Mystic in 1662 and was never heard from again. It was presumed he was lost at sea, and eight years later, his wife, Hannah, petitioned the courts to have him declared deceased so that she could remarry.
Even though many people include Thomas Huet and Elizabeth Chapman as the parents of Thomas, I do not. The Captain was born in England, but Thomas and Elizabeth were married in the Colonies some seven years after the proposed year of the Captain's birth. 
So, in following the lineage from the Captain to Grandpa Hewitt, we have:

1. Captain Thomas and wife, Hannah Palmer
2. Son, Benjamin and his wife, Mary Fanning
3. Son, Benjamin and his wife, Ann Palmer
4. Son, Walter and his wife, Elizabeth Dethick
5. Son, Asa and his wife, Mary Newton
6. Son, Orsamus and his wife, Ida Spalding
7. Son, Corodon and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Pitman
8. Son, Dexter and his wife, Ellen McElwain
9. Son, Homer and his wife, Lydia Child
and then there's Wally and his sister, Dorothy.

While the first three generations of this Hewitt line stayed in Connecticut, Benjamin's son, Walter, ended up in New York and Walter's son, Asa, ended up in Pennsylvania.
Orsamus decided to move on to Illinois, while his son, Corodon, ended up in Iowa. 
Dexter lived for a while in South Dakota before moving on to Minnesota, and Homer, who was a traveling salesman, was everywhere - including California - before moving on to Colorado

 Corodon and Elizabeth Hewitt family - at least some of the children.
 Dexter and Ellen Hewitt family.
 Homer in a play - 
 2nd from left in the back.

Left and Right - Homer Dexter Hewitt, Grandpa Hewitt's father.