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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Margaret Mitchell and Michael Giblin

I have Margaret as the youngest daughter of Bernard and Jane. 
Margaret immigrated at some point before her marriage to Michael Giblin in 1867. The 1900 US Federal Census erroneously states 1868, but it was more likely 1866. 
Michael Giblin's obituary states that he arrived in 1866, so I guess it's a possibility that they knew one another in the old country, as both were born in Roscommon, Ireland (a fact stated in both their respective obituaries).
Michael and Margaret married in Sterling, Illinois, and are recorded living there during the 1870 US Federal Census. By 1880, they had removed to Hayes County, Iowa, where they remained for the rest of their lives.
Michael and Margaret had 5 children and, according to Michael's obituary, fostered two more - William Francis, and a grandson, John B.
The children were:
 Thomas Joseph (Tommy), who married Elizabeth Flynn and had 5 children; 
Mary Jane who married Patrick Cody and had 8 children. 
Daughter Annie died at the age of 14 years old.
Their daughter, Margaret, married James Brogan. James and Margaret had 9 children.
Their son, John, became an eye doctor and married twice - his first marriage to Mary McNamara, produced 1 child. His second marriage to Margaret Rueruda produced 2 children.

Technically, John would be their youngest natural child. But according to Michael's obituary, there are two others to consider as having been raised by the couple.

William Francis - According to the earlier US Federal Census', when living with Michael and Margaret, William's birthplace was recorded as Iowa. But later US Census', after having married and raising his own family, he reports New York as his birthplace,  including it being the birthplace of his parents, as well. This leads to a few possibilities - that William knew who his parents were; that he was adopted by Michael and Margaret, acquiring the Giblin surname; that he was born a Giblin, a relation to Michael's family. Research is ongoing for William at the present time.
William married Goldie Sadler and they had 5 children. 

The grandson who was fostered by Michael and Margaret was from their son, John. John Benedict, the grandson, was from John's first marriage to Mary McNamara. I am assuming when Mary died (the same year John B was born), that his father, alone with a baby,  left him to be raised by his parents. His father re-married 3 years later, but no records thus far show his son ever having gone back to live with him. In fact, the US Census for the years preceding and following his father's death report that John was in the home of his grandfather, Michael, and step-grandmother, Ellen.

John, who was known as Jack, married and had 3 children.

Michael Giblin and his second wife, Ellen

Brothers John and Thomas Giblin

Mary Jane Giblin Cody with her daughters

James and Margaret (Mitchell) Brogan and family

John B Giblin, grandson of Michael and Margaret Giblin