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Monday, November 13, 2017

Some of My Scrapbook Pages

Computer Scrapbooking

I love computer scrapbooking. I enjoy creating the pages, putting photo's together, and "dressing" up the pages.
There are many expensive ways to scrapbook digitally - specialized programs that can lighten the bank account. If I could afford to buy them, I probably would buy them. But....
I'm financially limited. Big time. So, I use what I can. 
Years ago, I had bought Scrapbook Factory. A relatively basic program at an affordable cost. Recently, though, I downloaded the free version of  Scrapbook Flair. I use both of them.
Scrapbook Factory has more backgrounds, embellishments, etc., but is limited on writing. Scrapbook Flair, with paying more for them, is limited on backgrounds and embellishments, but is pretty free flowing on writing out family stories, bio's, etc.  
With Scrapbook Factory, I can add my own backgrounds and decorative doodads. With Scrapbook Flair, it is limited to what you purchase through their website. I guess there are pros and cons in anything.
Some rating websites say My Memories is the best program. I just can't afford 40 bucks for it, but it looks pretty good. If you want to get real pricey (and I've heard the program is pretty good), you can shell out 80 bucks for Artisan 5. 
Whatever program is used, digital scrapbooking is fun and, relatively, easy.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hendrix Branch Verified

On my posts concerning the Hendrix branch, I cautioned that William's ancestry was probable. Well, now it's factual.
A recent correspondence with a Hendrix family member verified that Susan's first husband and the son of Joshua John Hendrixson\Charity Redmon are the same person.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Current Wedding

So, I know I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy with life - losing weight, working on friends genealogies......and getting married.
Here are a few pics from our awesome day, May 20th.
Our song list was played an hour before the ceremony. It was:
1. A Celtic Dream  Michelle McLaughlin
2. Have I Told You Lately (Unplugged)   Rod Stewart
3. Mighty Wings  Cheap Trick
4. When You Say Nothing At All  Keith Whitley
5. Everything's Comin' Our Way   Santana
6. Believe   Elton John
7. I Cross My Heart   George Strait
8. Island Getaway  Caribbean Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief
9. Can't Help Falling In Love   Elvis Presley
10. Meet Me Halfway   Kenny Loggins
11. Clasiqueando con Ruben   Afro Cuban All Stars
12. Your Song   Elton John
13. Come Sail Away  Styx
14. Samba Pa Ti   Santana
15. More Today Than Yesterday   Spiral Staircase
We walked down the aisle on:
16. Oh My Love   John Lennon
And for our first dance, Keith played this one for me:
17. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now   Starship