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Thursday, December 17, 2015

From the Mitchell Branch - Anne Elizabeth Cody

I was contacted recently by a gentleman on Ancestry. He and his wife were sorting through the many photographs from his wife's family and they came across a photograph that did not have any connection to her. They surmise that she was, perhaps, a friend of the family.  
Obviously, they viewed my tree and found the extensive research I had done on the Mitchell branch, including the Cody family.
They emailed me this photograph of Anne Elizabeth Cody.
Anne was the daughter of Patrick J. Cody and Mary Jane Giblin.
Patrick (son of Michael Cody and Catherine Anna Powers) and Mary Jane (daughter of Michael Giblin and Margaret Mitchell) had six daughters and two sons - Mary Mae Frances, Thomas Joseph, Raymond John, Catherine M, Anne Elizabeth, Ellen T (Nellie), Agnes Loretta, and Grace Cecelia.
Anne died at the age of eighteen in Sioux City, Iowa. She is buried in the St. Ann's Cemetery in Vail, Iowa. 

On a side note, I reached a milestone with this blog. This is my 100th blog post.