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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bjorkmans and Sondees - Photo Update

Bottom Row Left to Right: Ivan Bjorkman, Earl Bjorkman, Rudy Roshanka (seated), Esther Sondee, Ragnar (Corky) Sondee, Svea Sondee Hedman
Middle Row Left to Right: Rollie Bjorkman, Grandma, Mom, Aunt Nora Sondee, Melanie (Oscar's wife), Unknown, Louise Roshanka, Lloyd Hedman (Svea's husband) with his hand on Svea's chair,
Top Row Left to Right: Unknown, Grandpa, Uncle Harald Sondee, Oscar Sondee, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

I am re-posting this photograph as new information has recently been discovered about it. 
The photo was taken at the Sondee residence on McAlister in North Chicago in 1927.
The event was Corky's High School Graduation. Rudy Roshanka was a classmate of Corky's and they were both in the History and Math Clubs.
I have been working with Rudy's niece as she believes the woman in plaid (middle row toward the right side) could be her Aunt Helen, Rudy's sister. If that is the case, then the man behind her and the man to her right are also connected to the Roshanka family as the man behind her has his arm about her waist and the man to her right has his hand over her hand. For now, though, officially there are still seven people unidentified in the photograph.
At the time the photo was taken, the Sondee family lived on McAllister and the Roshanka family lived on Lincoln - both in North Chicago. Grandpa and Grandma lived on N. Butrick in Waukegan.
Corky graduated from Waukegan High School.
I will update as facts become available. 

Update: I have changed the person identifications in the photograph with added corrections provided by Ragnar and Mildred's daughter. 
There are still 7 unknown persons to identify.

Rudy and Louise Roshanka have been identified by their niece.
With the positive identification of Louise, this brings the number of unknown identities to six.

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