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Monday, October 5, 2015

Tryphosa and Tryphena Spencer - Two Sisters, Same Husband

So, let's head back to the Spencer family of John Spencer and Nancy Warriner and their two daughters - Tryphosa and Tryphena.
About twelve years of age separated the two sisters, with Tryphosa being the eldest sister.
Tryphosa married Caleb Clossen in Jefferson County, New York in 1823. They had six children born to them between 1824 and 1833 - Albert, John, Jared, Joseph, Hannah, and Amasa. Not much is known about Caleb at this time, other than he was born in 1800 in Ontario, Canada.
The family lived in Jefferson County until Tryphosa's death in 1837. Sometime between that year and 1850, Caleb moved to Minnesota.
There are two headstones in Jefferson County that may indicate that Caleb had married twice before his marriage to Tryphosa. One stone has the name Susan or Sisen with a death year of 1821, and the other stone has the name Hannah with a death year of 1839, although this contradicts his marriage to Tryphena. Hannah could have been his daughter, although the stone indicates a wife.
The stones are side by side.
Caleb married his wife's sister, Tryphena, in 1842 in Minnesota. This was the second marriage for Tryphena, who had married Frederick Kilbourn in Jefferson County, 1937. Tryphena and Frederick had a son, Alonzo, in 1838. But Frederick died, 1839, in Jefferson County. 
Together, Caleb and Tryphena had eight children - Schuyler, Kina Emma, Susan, Charles, DeWitt, Ella, Dwight, and Flora. 
Caleb died in 1884 in Minnesota. Tryphena died in 1893 in North Dakota. They are buried together in Todd County, Minnesota.

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