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Thursday, October 1, 2015

William Hendrix' Mother and Sister

Before I begin with Charity and Sarah Jane, I want to say that the Hendrix spelling has several variations. I believe the earliest spelling was Hendrikson. Other variations have been Hendrixson, Hendricks, and Hendrix.

So, now, let's talk about Charity.
Charlotte Redmon (also spelled Redman) was born in DeKalb County, Tennessee to Harmon and Mary (aka Polly) Green. Her siblings include Benjamin, Mary, Jesse, Lucy, William, Martha, Susanna, and Sarah. Some researchers include a youngest daughter, Larana, but I have found no evidence of her.
Harmon was born in North Carolina to Benjamin and Lucy (Zimmerman) Redmon, both from Virginia. His wife, Polly, was born in South Carolina, but her parents are unknown at the time of this posting.
With Abraham's escape from being taken prisoner by Union forces, I'm sure word reached Charity of her husband's capture. I'm not sure, though, how long it would take for her to learn of her husband's demise, as in the 1870 Fed Census, she is listed in the household of her parents, using her maiden name for both herself and her children - William and Sarah Jane.
Charity marries Elijah Hurst in 1871. The couple have 4 children - Martha, Fielding, Elijah Senate, and Harmon Elza.
Elijah passed away in 1932, and Charity followed in 1939. They are buried in the Hurst Cemetery, along with Will and Sarah Jane, in Chester County, Tennessee.
Now, there is another connection between the Hendrix and Hurst families. Elijah had a brother, Synnet Young Hurst.
Synnet married Sarah Jane Hendrix, making mother and daughter sisters-in-law. 
Sarah Jane first married James Weaver in 1877. They had a daughter, Loganie. Sarah married second Synnet Y. Hurst. Her second marriage produced 6 children - William, Cleve, Launia, Elijah, Jacob, and Synnet. 
Sarah Jane died in 1906, and Synnet in 1932. Both are buried in the Hurst Cemetery, Chester County, Tennessee.

Synnet Young Hurst and his wife,
Sarah Jane Hendrix
Photo Courtesy of the Kelley's in 
Tennessee Family Tree

Elijah Hurst and his wife, Charlotte "Charity" Redmon
Photo Courtesy of the Burkhead Wheeler Family Tree

Charlotte "Charity" Redmon Hendrixson Hurst
Photo Courtesy of the Kelley's in Tennessee Family Tree

Record of Sarah Jane's first marriage
to James Weaver

Record of Charity's first marriage to Joshua Hendrixson
(Note: Joshua is recorded as John Hendrickson)

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