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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kete E Curtiss Will

I know I said I would write a post about Tryphena and Tryphosa Spencer. I have not forgotten. 
I also said my next post will be about Will Hendrix' father, Joshua. I will post that one immediately after this one.
But, first, I want to post a few key pages from Kate Curtiss' probate records. I found them on Ancestry yesterday.
A little refresher on background. Kate was the daughter of Kelsey Curtiss and Eliza Sutliffe. She was, also, Emma Curtiss' sister. Emma was the second wife of Rodolph Spencer, and mother of Lilla. 
I believe Emma was close to her sister, Lilla, and named her only child after her. I believe that Emma's daughter grew close to her Aunt Kate when she was sent to Minnesota after her mother died - and named one of her daughters, Kate (my grandmother), in honor of her Aunt. Lilla also named another daughter in honor of her Aunt Lilla (and, probably, herself). 
The Waseca Historical Society had this file that they would send for a fee. I, at one time years ago, was going to send for it, but never did. Well, I finally have it. The file has approximately 43 or so pages in it. Most are court orders for appointing administrator of the will, bondsmen, etc. I am only posting the key pages.


The Final Decree of Distribution

Estate Hearing Notice published in the Janesville Argus.

Order of Appointing Appraisers.
I found this interesting as one of the names of the court appointed appraisers was a Comstock. Kate's maternal grandmother was a Comstock.

Receipts of some of the expenses involving Aunt Kate's funeral and such. I couldn't help thinking how great it would be if we had those kinds of costs today.

A page from one of the court documents that records Aunt Kate's father as an heir. His age is 86.

This last page I'm posting is the Petition for Administration filed in court by Aunt Kate's sister, Lilla. It clearly states that Aunt Lilla is Kate's sister.

At the time of Aunt Kate's passing in 1910, Grandfather Kelsey and Aunt Lilla were the only family members still residing in Waseca County with Kate. Grandma Emma and Aunt Lucy, along with Uncle William, had predeceased Aunt Kate. I believe Uncle Frank was in Arizona at the time, and Uncle Edgar was in California. 
For the next seven years, Aunt Lilla took care of her father, Kelsey, until he passed away in 1917. Aunt Lilla passed away in 1926. Uncle Edgar passed away in California in 1938. 
At the time of this post, it is still unknown when Uncle Frank passed on.

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