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Sunday, September 20, 2015

John Spencer and Nancy Warner - Ambrose' Parents

I have a draft going for Telitha Humphries lineage, but it still needs more work to put it together. So, I thought I would continue on with Susan (and Lilla's) paternal lineage - that being the grandfather of Rodolph and parents of Ambrose.
John Spencer and Nancy Warriner (also spelled Warner and Wariner) had 11, possibly 12, children. The following children have been verified - Sidney, Tryphosa, Hannah, Ambrose, John Otis, Alonzo, Jason, Urbane, Tryphena, Persis, and Aurilla. There is one unverified (and, most likely, is not a child of John and Nancy) and that is Albert. He appears on the One World Tree, which is not exactly a good research source, but I include him anyhow just in case something comes up in the future.

John Spencer's Estate Record Left side
of the page.
John Spencer was born Granville, New York to Jeremiah Spencer and Hannah Hinckley. His wife, Nancy, was born in Wilbraham, Massachusetts to Nathaniel Warriner and Diadema Hancock. It is unknown at this time when John and Nancy married, but since Nancy's father died in Clayton, New York, and her first child, Sidney, was born in Granville, New York, it is safe to assume they married in New York, in either Washington County or Jefferson County.  
John was a farmer, as was his son, Sidney. Sidney married Asenath Davis, probably in New York where their children were born, most likely Jefferson County. The couple had five documented children - Melissa, Charles, Romela, William Wallace, and Mary. There is a possible sixth child - Rosaman - but I can find no documentation on her. She appeared in another person's family tree. They had no documentation for her either. 

Sidney and Asenath, along with their children, Charles, Romela, William, and Mary show up in the 1850 Fed Census in Berrien County, Michigan. It is here - in Bainbridge - that Sidney passes away in 1890. Asenath preceded him in death, also in Bainbridge, in 1883.
On my next post about this family, I will blog about the two daughters of John and Nancy - Tryphosa and Tryphena.