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Monday, September 28, 2015

Probable Lineage of William Henry Hendrix

This is, so far, only a PROBABLE lineage for William. I do have a couple of emails out to Hendrix researchers that I am hoping can verify this lineage. Until then, I will post what I have so far.
William has been most difficult. There are quite a few William Hendrix' that were born in Tennessee within a five year plus/minus birth year as our William. Each one had to be researched both forward and backward in time to rule them out. I finally came up with the most probable. Probable because I cannot connect him specifically between the time William leaves Sacramento and the time he arrives back in Tennessee. But all the records on this William fit no other William in Tennessee. So, here it is. Do not take this for FACT just yet that this is our William.

The first record I ever found for Will (as he was known in his family) was the marriage record between he and Susan C. Spencer. The marriage occurred in Poinsett, Arkansas on the 3rd of August, 1890. According to the marriage bond (posted by a Thomas Humphries whom I still have found no connection to Susan), Will resided in Hydrick, Arkansas while Susan resided in Bay Village, Arkansas. 

The first record that states that Will was born in Tennessee would be the 1910 Fed Census (I could not find either of them in the 1900 Fed Census) for Sacramento where he, Susan, and their children were residing. It records Will as being 52 years old, and born about 1858 in Tennessee. 
It was told to me by descendents of William that he left Sacramento and went back to Tennessee. I traced William in Sacramento through 1915 in the City Directory, so I believe, he left after 1915. 
Now we come to the probable part of Will.
Everyone I've researched with Will's name did not pan out. People were wrong, dates were wrong, places didn't match up. Except one.
I found a Will H Hendrix in the 1920 Fed Census residing in Chester County, Tennessee born abt 1861 (this is within acceptable guidelines for Census error) in Tennessee, and both parents born in Tennessee (this matches the 1910 Fed Census). It reports Will as a farmer, married to a Margrette V. In the home is Margrette's daughter, Eva J Riley, from a previous marriage, and Margrette's niece, Zeri Naylor. Naylor is Margrette's maiden name.
In the 1930 Fed Census, he is now listed as William H Hendrix born abt 1860 in Tennessee, residing in Bethel Springs, McNairy County. His wife is listed as Maggie V, and his occupation is that of a Fireman in the Saw Mill Industry. No one else is recorded in the home.
The 1940 Fed Census has him as W. H. Hendrix, born about 1858 in Tennessee, still living in Bethel Springs with his wife, Margaret, and a "usual" occupation of Fireman in the Saw Mill Industry (obviously retired as his age is reported as 82). No one else is reported in the home.
In 1946, William passes away - and I found his death certificate. His birth date is reported on the certificate as 9 Sep 1859 born in Dekalb County, Tennessee, widowed (his wife, Margaret Viola Hendrix, daughter of John Naylor, died the previous year), and parents are Joshua Hendrix and Charlotte Redman. Will is buried in the same cemetery (Hurst Cemetery) in Chester County, Tennessee.
My next post will be on Joshua and Charlotte.

 Will Hendrix grave stone from his "findagrave" memorial. Photo courtesy of Ramey Wilson, Jr.

Will's Death Certificate

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