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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Spencers, The Curtiss', and The Russells

Before moving on to Mom's family lines,  I need to tell the story of the mysterious Julia Saviers. As I mentioned before, Julia's name popped up in an excerpt from a letter she wrote to Rodolph Spencer that appeared in one of the Bundock newsletters. My Aunt, who published the newsletter, nor any one else in our family knew who Julia was or how she was connected in the family. All anyone knew was that she was a cousin.
But to tell Julia's story, a bit of family history needs to go back a few generations more to establish her connection.
George Bundock's wife, Lilla Florence Spencer, was the daughter of Rodolph Ambrose Spencer and Emma A Curtiss. Rodolph was the son of Ambrose Spencer and Mercy Ann Russell and Emma was the daughter of Kelsey Curtiss and Eliza Rebecca Sutliff. 
Histories on the Spencers, Curtiss' and Sutliff's will be in later blogs, but for now I want to follow the Russells. 
Mercy Ann was born to Reuben Russell and Lydia Vaughan (some say her name was Lydia Lemon Vaughan although I don't find a connection for the Lemon name). 
Reuben's family originated out of Massachusetts and Lydia's family originated out of Connecticut. Of course,  both family lines came from England, but both also moved on to Oneida County, New York. It was in this county that Reuben and Lydia married and produced fourteen children. Along with Mercy Ann, some of their most researched children were Calvin Follett and Cyrus Paddock, of whom both moved to Canada; Stephen Webster Russell removed to Michigan and Olive Russell who married Ozias Whitney and moved to Wisconsin.
Wisconsin was also where Reuben and Lydia moved along with their daughter, Mercy Ann and her husband, Ambrose Spencer.

But our focus will be on the little known daughter of Reuben and Lydia - Rhoda. Nothing was known about her with the exception of her birth year. That is, until the search for Julia started.
I began searching for Julia in the Federal Census' - a reasonable place to begin, although I did not know if her surname was a married or maiden name. The 1880 Census reported a Julia Saviers living with an Ira Glynn and his wife, Rhoda in Placerville and she was listed as their daughter. It wasn't until a connection with another Spencer cousin that it was discovered that Rhoda was the sister of Rodolph's mother, making Julia and Rodolph first cousins.
But the story doesn't end there. In fact, I got what was probably the first genealogical shock in my research when I did an internet search on Yahoo for Julia E. Saviers.
A picture of Julia that was shared by a Bundock cousin a few years after we discovered the story of Julia.