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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Looking Back and Continuing Ahead Part 3

The family website at MyFamily, started in 2003, continued on until 2009, when MyFamily decided to do away with the free limited space and the cost for more and more web space became to much money per year. 
But during those years, the research was progressing by leaps and bounds. It had become an extended family site and we had members from all over the world. By the time it closed down, we had over 100 members and over 4000 posts of pictures, stories, articles, etc. We even had a section for family recipes.
Some of the research that developed will be added to future blog posts. A few that we discovered was Herman Sjoholm's parentage, who the mysterious Julia was, and the roots of Edith's mother, Maggie Morris. 
The one thing that wasn't solved during the family site years was Hilmar's parents, Andreas and Gustava. We had made some discoveries with Gustava's parentage, but finding Andreas' parentage in Sweden when most of the time he just wrote his birthplace as "Sweden" was very frustrating. One literally has to know exactly where in Sweden they were born in order to find the correct records. Geez, Gramps, couldn't you have put at least the parish?
However, when one perseveres, the discoveries are made. And even though it was after the family site closed - Andreas' parentage was discovered. More on that later.