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So, this is Dad and Mom. Ray is the son of Conrad Herrmann and Kate Bundock. He is the step-son of Edith Armstrong and Wally Hewitt. ...

Thursday, July 25, 2013


My name is Carol. Young people call me a "Old Head". Funny. Maybe I am - for a woman in her 50s, although I still feel the same in my 50s as I did in my 20s. Well,  emotionally, psychology and spiritually; physically is something different altogether.
This blog is about family history - my family history. There won't be any organization to it. It will be random thoughts, pictures, stories, history, etc.
In genealogy, a person always starts with their self and works backwards in time with their mother and father's family lines. I'm going to be a little different here.  I have four older half-brothers from my Mom's first marriage. So, their father's branch will be included. Than, my paternal grandfather had 2 marriages.  Even though his second marriage produced no children, I didn't know she was not my blood-related grandmother until I was about 13 years old. She was my grandma, so her family lines will be included.
Than, there is my paternal grandmother. She married twice - and my father has half-siblings. That makes them family in my book, so they will be included, too. 
So, essentially, the main surnames in my family will be Herrmann, Bundock, Armstrong, Hewitt, Bjorkman, Sjoholm and Mitchell.
Other surnames I will be talking a lot about will be Van Cleave, Morris, Martsch, Spencer,  and Wright. 
Of course, I may refer to my children's paternal line - Hardin.
So, begins the blog. 

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Debbie Sandage Kemper debkmpr@aol.com said...

Loved reading your blog Carol.My Grandmother was Retha Buckman, sister to your Grandma Kate.