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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bundock Family History

Kate Bundock was the daughter of George Frederick Bundock and Lilla Florence Spencer. 
Lilla had a previous marriage to Arthur Eugene Hagen and they had two children, Curt and Nodene. Curt and Nodene were quite young when George and Lilla married, and, so, they were raised by George.
George and Lilla had 6 children of their own, but Lilla died shortly after the birth of their twins, Lilla and Robert. Robert would later die at the age of 1 year and 4 months.
Lilla was the daughter of Rodolph Ambrose Spencer and Emma Curtiss. 
George was the son of Henry Frederick Bundock and Lucy Long Wright.
George worked in a variety of jobs, but mostly with the pottery business that started with his grandfather, Samuel. The business was located in Sacramento and went through a variety of names, such as Sacramento Pottery and The Bundock Bros. Pottery.
George never remarried after the death of his wife. The family story says it wasn't that he didn't want to re-marry, but he received major opposition from his children in doing so.
Henry Bundock emigrated to the U.S. with his father, Samuel, and his Uncle Henry from Chelmsford in Essex County, England. Samuel's wife, Mary Ann Dister, had passed away shortly after the birth of their daughter, Mary Ann. The baby Mary Ann also passed away shortly after her birth.
The two brothers, Samuel and Henry, settled for a time, together, in Illinois. While Samuel remained in Illinois, running a pottery business, Henry removed to Iowa and married Elizabeth Green. Henry and Elizabeth would go on to have seven children.
Samuel remained in Illinois until after his son, Henry, married Lucy Long Wright. Two of Samuel's children would later migrate to the U.S. from England - John Samuel and Isabella (with her husband, George Muddox).
Eventually, the Bundock family would remove to California - first to the Oakland area, than to Sacramento.