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Monday, August 31, 2015

Photos of Susan Spencer Hendrix Mullins

Susan's granddaughter, Shirley, sent me these wonderful photo's of Susan and family.

left to right: Herbert Mullins, Phalen Hendrix, Susan Spencer Hendrix Mullins, Jimmy (Phalen's son), Leona Hendrix Burke holding her son, Al, Merle Hendrix Woodruff (Phalen's daughter) holding her daughter Marilyn, Esther Hendrix Buress (Phalen's daughter) holding Earlene Wallace (daughter of Phalen's sister, Florence), Elsie Pagni Hendrix (Phalen's wife) holding Esther's son, Ronnie,
Children Barbara Jean (Bobbie) Smith (Leona's daughter, Edith June (Phalen's daughter), Maxine Langston (Florence's daughter), The little girl in white is Janet Woodruff (Merle's daughter)

1913 - Leona, Florence, Susan

Susan ca 1913-1915

Right: Herbert and Susan Spencer Mullins, 1941

Susan Spencer Mullins on the TV Show, "Queen for a Day", 1950