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Monday, August 3, 2015

Karl - Andreas Bjerkmann's youngest brother

So, now we've come to the last of Olof Jacobsen's children. Andreas' youngest brother.
While I had to chase Karl's sister all over Alvsborg during her lifetime, Karl was easy. Karl spent his entire 64 years - from birth to death - in Backe.
Born in Backe, Alvsborg, Sweden in 1852 to Olof and his third wife, Maria Brynglsdotter, Karl remained in Backe and married Ida Eliasdotter, child of Elias Jansson and Kasja Eriksdotter. Together, they raised their five children ( a sixth child died shortly after birth) in Backe.
Their children: Anton, Axel, Hilda, a baby daughter, Anna, and Hjalmar were all born in Backe.
I don't know much about Anton yet. Axel moved to Steneby in 1931, and I lost track of him after 1935. 
Hilda married Fritz Oskar Larsson in Backe. They moved to Amals in 1910, and I lost track of them in 1931, but not before finding their children - Axel Bertil, Hugo Gottfrid, Fritz Herbert, Elsa Ingeborg, Gunnel Anna Greta, and youngest daughter, Gullan. I believe all the children were born in Amals. 
Daughter Anna, also, moved to Amals in 1926, but I lost track of her after the move.
Karl's youngest, Hjalmar, married Anna Viktoria Bjurstrom in Backe, but the couple moved to Skallerud a few months after the marriage. I lost track of them in 1931, but I do have the following children for them: Rut Margareta, Rune Gotthard, Karin Ingegerd, Kerstin Viktoria, and Britt Lillian. All of the children were born in Skallerud, except for Rut Margareta. Rut seems to have been adopted, having been born in 1917 (before Hjalmar and Anna married) in Engelbrekt, Stockholm. She appears to have moved out of Skallerud in 1937 to Gamlestads, only to return two years later. 
Karl died in Backe in 1917. Ida died in 1950, in Steneby.
So, that wraps up the Bjerkmann's for now - at least until I find more information for them.
My next post is going to switch gears a bit as I cover my Great-Grand Aunt Susan C. Spencer and her descendants (and some ancestors, too!).