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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Karolina Olofsdotter from the Bjerkmann Branch

Okay, so I got side-tracked a little on the Mitchell and Herrmann family branches, but I did mention in the last post from the Bjerkmann branch that I would write about Andreas Bjerkmann's half-sister and half-brother, Karolina and Karl.
I will start with Karolina, the oldest of the two siblings.
Karolina (and Karl) were the offspring of my 2nd great-grandfather's (Olof Jacobsen) third marriage to Maria Bryngelsdotter.
Karolina was fun to research. Okay, there is a little sarcasm there, but after a while, it became sort of like a treasure hunt through Alvsborg. Karolina moved around - a lot.
She was born in 1849 in Backe, and lived there until 1871 when she moved to Steneby.
After a year in Steneby, she moved to Odskolt. She stayed in Odskolt for almost a year before moving to Dals Ed. 
She lived in Tingvall, Dals Ed until 1875, then once again moves - this time to Fagerhult within Dals Ed. 
But something now changes in the records. I'm not sure if it was an error on the part of the Church Parish, or if Karolina just decided to change her birth date and place, but now she is reported as being born 3 months earlier than she actually was born (same day and year), and born in Ed instead of Backe. 
Whatever the case may be, this new birth date and place stayed in the records for the rest of her life.
She stays in Dals Ed until 1882, then moves into Steneby - again.
I lost track of her here, from 1883 to 1886, but I find her again in 1887. Now, she is living in Odskolt (again), only now she is married to Martin Eliasson (whom she married in 1887). 
The couple remain in Odskolt (moving at least once within the Parish) until 1898 when they move to Steneby.
They remain in Steneby until Karolina's death in 1908.
I have yet to find a death record for Martin, but I do know that he was alive at the time of his wife's passing.
Karolina and Martin had no children.