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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Norgrens

Gustava was born in Dals-Ed, Alvsborg, Sweden to Olof Andersson Norgren and Maria Eriksdotter. It was the first marriage for Olof and the second for Maria. Maria had her first son, Andreas, from a relationship with Johannes Olofsson. Her daughter, Maria, was born from her first marriage - to Nils Olsson. Maria and Nils were married in 1836, but Maria was widowed the following year. She married Olof Norgren in 1839.
It is unknown when Olof assumed the surname Norgren, but it is thought to be when he served in the Military.
Olof and Maria had five children together - Gustava, Johanna, their first son August (who died just before reaching 5 months old), Britta Stina and their second son named August.
The family moved to Halden, Ostfold, Norway in 1854. There is no indication that Maria's children, Andreas and Maria, moved with the family.
Olof died in Halden in 1858. Daughter Johanna migrated to Utah in the United States and married Andrew Truelson. Britta Stina married Iver Andersen and had seven children. The last location we have for them was Fredrikstad. August, the second son - I will review later on.
It is unknown when or where Gustava's mother, Maria, died. It was after 1883 as that was the last known correspondance through a letter to her daughter, Johanna.
Olof was born in 1818, Dals-Ed, to Anders Andersson and Marta Andersdotter. He had 3 known brothers and one known sister. His father and mother were born in Dals-Ed in 1774 and 1775, respectively.
Gustava's mother, Maria was born in Odskolt, Alvsborg in 1810 to Erik Olofsson and Ingeborg Halfvardsdotter. Maria had one other sibling - a brother - before her father died in 1812. Maria and her brother, Jonas, were placed in the custody of their paternal Grandfather, Olof Jonsson, after their father's death. Their paternal Grandmother was Maria Olsdotter. Olof and Maria also had three other children besides Erik.
Ingeborg, born in Dalskog to Halfvard Theman and Marta Eriksdotter, remarried in 1816 to Lars Olsson. They had five children together. Lars also had 3 daughters from a previous marriage.

A page from a book describing the Military record for Olof Andersson Norgren. At this time, it is unknown if he has any relation to the other Norgrens on this page. Page provided by Cousin R
ønnaug in Norway.

Next blog post, I will talk about the children of Andreas and Gustava Bjerkmann.