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Monday, December 23, 2013

Olga Milderine Olsdotter Bjerkmann

Olga was the second child and oldest daughter, born after Andreas and Gustava married in 1864. 
Olga was easy to find in the birth records; that is, after I discovered the family in the 1865 Norwegian Census. Cousin Rønnaug tutored me on the finer points and history of the Confirmation records in Norway and led me to where I could find Olga's confirmation record. 
Rønnaug was also the one who found Olga's records when we lost track of her after her confirmation. She's a regular "Nancy Drew" in genealogical research! Of course, what she found in the records on Olga nearly knocked my socks off. It turned out to be another family tree shocker.
Remember under the blog on the Norgrens, I said I would review Gustava's younger brother, August (the 2nd August), in a later post? Well, this is that post - because I can't review Olga at this point without reviewing August, too. Maybe you've guessed it by now or maybe you have not; but the records show that Olga and August were married in 1890. So, to wrap it up in understanding what this means - Olga married her Uncle and August married his niece!
Rønnaug found the individual Census record of 1891 for Olga. On this record it showed her listed under her maiden name, living in the home of her parents in Aker - but a couple of margin notes indicated that she had a husband who was currently in England. 
So, Rønnaug's search began looking for that mysterious husband. To make a long story short, her research led her to both Olga and August leaving the State Church, having a secular marriage, and being admitted back into the State Church at a later time. As August was a sailor, at the time of the 1891 Census, he was in England.
August and Olga had three children together - Olga Victoria, Margrete Augusta and Sverre August Bang. Sadly, the only child of the three, Sverre, lived to be an adult; and even he died at the age of 23 years old. Their eldest child, Olga, died when she was 6 1/2 months old; and Margrete was 2 1/2 months old when she passed away.
The family line discontinued with the passing of Sverre, who never married. His mother, Olga, died in 1904, and his father, August, died in 1913. 

A portion of the secular marriage record for Olga and August.