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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hjalmar August Bjerkmann

Hjalmar was the 3rd son and 5th child of Andreas and Gustava, younger brother to Bredine Olivia but older brother of Bredine Ottila. 
There is no indication that Hjalmar worked at Spigerverk with his father and brothers. His occupation was a Postman according to the various censuses.
Hjalmar married Anna Maria Johansen. Their marriage produced four sons - Birger Henning, Ivar Flood, Trygve Bull, and Sverre Bang.
The children were left without a father when Hjalmar died in 1915. Through the following years, they had lost contact with the Bjerkmann side of their family.
Birger married and had 3 children.  Ivar married,  but it is unknown if they had any children. At the time of this post,  it is unknown if Trygve or Sverre ever married or had any children.

This is the house Andreas built. It is believed that Hjalmar and his family lived here for a time. 
In the picture, from left to right are: Andreas, Gustava, Hjalmar's mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Eugenie, Dagny, Eivind, Astrid standing in front of Kristiane, Kristiane (who was pregnant with Viktor at the time), Ivan, Hjalmar's father-in-law, Birger, Anna holding Ivar, and Hjalmar.

This photograph is courtesy of Hjalmar's grandson. The picture is of Hjalmar and Anna, their 4 sons and a lady visitor.

These last two photo's are from Grandma's Scrapbook and are said to have Hjalmar in them, but I do not know which person is Hjalmar in either photo nor who the others are.