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Friday, December 27, 2013

Leanore Marie Bjerkmann

Leanore (aka Nora) was the 4th daughter and 7th child of Andreas and Gustava. She married Harald (aka Harold) Laurentius Sundstrom in 1900 in Oslo, Norway. 
Harald was born in Goteborg Karl Johan to Johannes Bengtsson Sundstrom and Anna Maria Thoran. He had two siblings - Johan and Davida.
Harold and Nora had five children - Oscar Fritjof, Esther Davida, Viktor Andreas Laurentius, Svea Gustava Margareta, and Ragnar Harald William. 
Harold emigrated to the U.S. in 1909 with Nora and the children following in 1912. It is said within the family that Viktor died on the voyage over, but I cannot find proof of that. However, I also cannot find any record of him beyond the ship manifest either. So, it could still be a true story.
When they changed their surname from Sundstrom to Sondee is unknown. There is one record from Sweden that uses the Sondee surname. Whenever, and for whatever reason, they had changed it, when they settled in Waukegan, Illinois (near Nora's brother, Hilmar) they were known as the Sondee family.
At some point after 1935, Harold and Nora moved to Florida. Whether the entire family moved there together is unknown, but at some point, they all lived there.
Oscar married Melanie (maiden name unknown at this time) and they had a daughter, Barbara (she recently passed away). After Melanie's death in 1975, Oscar married a second time to Grace Hanson. They had no children together. Oscar died in 1989 and Grace in 1992.
Esther married Johan (John) Olov Wallin sometime between 1930 and 1935, probably in Waukegan. John passed away in 1947 and it appears that Esther never remarried and there is no indication that they had any children.  Also, sometime after John's passing, she moved to Florida. Esther died in 1995.
On a side note, my mother was named after Esther Sondee. Mom said that her cousin Esther was Hilmar's favorite niece and he insisted that his only daughter be named after her. 
Viktor was explained above.
Svea married Lloyd Hedman and had 4 daughters. Lloyd died in 1968 and Svea died in 1982.
Ragnar married Mildred Nystrom and had 4 children. Ragnar died in  1989 and Mildred in 2002. I remember Mom sending a Christmas card to Mildred every year when I was younger. She learned of Mildred's passing when she didn't receive the customary card in return. I think Mom really felt bad about Mildred's passing as she was the last link she had to her Aunt's family.

It is said that every person in this photograph are family members of the Hilmar Bjorkman family and the Harold Sondee family. 

Grandma Ragnhild with some of the Sondee family in Florida.

Nora and Ragnhild in Florida. One of my favorite photographs.

It is believed that this is Harold and Nora Sondee, but we are still uncertain of that.

Nora with her son, Ragnar.

Esther Davida Sondee, Mom's namesake.

Barbara Sondee Fisk - daughter of Oscar and Melanie.

Esther and Oscar Sondee. They were born in Norway and the rest of the Sondee children were born in Sweden.

Another photograph of the Bjorkman and Sondee family.