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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Herman Justus Sjöholm - Life after his mother's death

The H.E. for the year of Margarethe's death, Herman is found in the home of his step-father, Claes Falk.
The following year, Herman is found on a registration for Stockholm with Claes and a record that appears to have him moving to Finland with his step-father. But that did not happen. He was found in the H.E. later that year as a foster son in the home of Christina Eriksdötter and her daughter, Charlotte.
It is unknown why Herman was not able or allowed to migrate to Finland with his step-father, Claes, nor how he ended up in the care of Christina.  It is known that he was there for a short period of time as early the following year Herman is in a Children's Home in Hedvig Eleonora being fostered out to a man named Johannes Martensson from Dimbo, Skarborg.

And it is in Annsberg, Dimbo, Skaraborg that we find Herman in the H.E. for 1856-1860 (Herman arrived in 1859) living in the home of Johannes Martensson, his wife Johanna Andersdötter, and their two children, Anders and Anna.
From 1859 to 1865, Herman lived with his foster family in Dimbo. On 7 May 1865, Herman joined the Military, at the age of 13, serving as some type of musician, but he was dismissed from the military 12 Dec 1868 for "conviction of thefts several times". He was 17 years old.
This seems to be the beginning of Herman's legal troubles that would last for quite a while (as late as 1879). It makes me wonder if his foster father enrolled him in the military as Herman could have been an incorrigible child and Herman, at his age, could not conform to military life and lashed out by stealing. Either way, during the period of his military years, the H.E. still records him as living with the Martensson's.
So, begins the "lost years" for Herman.