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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another Child for Margarethe Nord

While preparing for my post on Herman's "lost years", I felt I needed to do a little more research to try and keep the timeline from being too confusing as Herman moved around quite extensively during those years.
But while researching Herman, I came across an interesting record in the Stockholm City Archives under orphanages - another record of a child for Herman's mother, Margarethe.
In the 1855 Household Examination, Margarethe, Herman and the 2nd child named Anna were living in the home of an Anders Sundholm. Also in this same household was Axel Reinhold Falk. Axel was the brother of Claes Bernhard Falk, Margarethe's second husband; but Claes and Margarethe did not marry until 1857 - about 9 months after the birth of this recently discovered child.
This child, Axel Bernhard Sjöholm, was born 9 May 1856, about 4 months before Margarethe and Herman moved out of Kungsholm and into Hedvig Eleonora. The child, Axel, was not on the Moving Out record with them.
The Orphan record states that Claes Bernhard Falk paid for the expenses of Axel at the orphanage. Unfortunately, Axel died at the age of a year old - just two months before his second birthday. I have yet to find a death record for him.
So, I have a mystery here. Was the baby Axel the child of Axel Reinhold Falk or Claes Bernhard Falk? If he was the child of Axel - where did Axel go and why did he not acknowledge his child? And why would Claes marry a woman who had his brothers' child? And why would Claes pay for the child's support?
And if baby Axel was the son of Claes, why would he be placed in an orphanage? Why not acknowledge the child as his and take him home?

I am including a snip from the orphanage record, which is in pdf.


According to my cousin in Sweden, the record shows that Claes may have taken Axel to his home as a foster child, but returned him to the orphanage later on.
Also, I had done a little more research and discovered that Axel Reinhard Falk had died prior to the child, Axel, having been born.