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Thursday, August 8, 2013

A History of the Sjöholm Line before Herman

I have been pondering the past couple of days on the best way to talk about the life of Herman Sjöholm without getting to wordy. However, I am a wordy person when I blog, so here it goes:
I am going to start with my earliest ancestor on my Sjöholm line - Lars Larsson - and make my way down the line to Herman.
I don't know exactly where Lars Larsson was born, but the H.E. for Mosjö, Örebro for the years 1750 -1765 records his birth year in 1706. The earliest record I have found for Lars was his marriage to Ingrid Mansdötter in Mosjö on 20 May 1730.
The H.E. mentioned above recorded a number of people in Lars' household, but it is most difficult to read. Ingrid's birth year was recorded as 1700, and their son, Lars, born 1736, was easy to decipher, but the others were much more difficult.  I think it's safe to say that he had at least one, maybe, two siblings at that time. 
The son, Lars, was the first one to use the Sjöholm surname. I have no record of his father using it. Father Lars death record for 20 Oct 1758 in Mosjö records his surname as Larsson. I have yet to find a death record for Ingrid.
Lars Sjöholm married 1st) Maria Persdötter b. 1725, and 2nd) Catharina Olofsdötter b. 1744. 
Because Lars and Maria's oldest child, Anna, was born in Grythyttan in 1764, it is unclear whether Lars and Maria married in Mosjö or Grythyttan. The couple and their daughter moved to Nora prior to the birth of their son, Carl, in 1767. Lars and Maria had 5 children - Anna, Carl, Catharina, Christina and Maria - before Maria Persdötter's death in May of 1780. 
The following December of that same year, Lars married Catharina Olofsdötter. They had two children together - Fredric and Lisa.
The Sjöholm line at this point jumps not from a son of Lars, but a daughter - Catharina. In 1784, Catharina and a man named Carl Hölmgren had an illegitimate daughter, Cathrina. Sadly, Catharina died before her first birthday. Catharina had another illegitimate child - a son, Olof. I have been unable to find the father for Olof, but I do know his name was Olof, also, as for a time Catharina's son went by the name of Olof Olofsson before permanently switching to the surname of Sjöholm. I have no other information on Catharina at this time, so I don't know if she ever married or when she died.
I am now on my 3rd great-grandfather, Olof Sjöholm.
Olof, the illegitimate son of Catharina Sjöholm and a man named Olof, was born 4 Jul 1787 in Nora. Olof is listed in the H. E. of 1787-1790 in the household of his grandparents, Lars and Catharina along with his mother and her siblings.
According to transcribed records on familysearch, Olof married Ullrica Gillberg on 25 Oct 1812 in Stockholm. It does not say where in Stockholm, but it could have been Klara as a Moving out record for Oct 1813 records Olof and Ullrica moving out of Klara and into Maria. 
Olof and Ullrica had 5 known children - Catharina Sofia, Carl Olof Ullric, Johan Gustaf, Fredric Wilhelm and Franz August.
I have only one H.E. for Olof with his family, from 1832-1833 in Maria before Olof's death in 1833 at the age of 45. 
Ullrica Gillberg (other spellings are Ullrika, Ulrika, Ulrica) was born illegitimate to Stina Mattsdötter on 8 Jan 1787 in Dingtuna, Västmanland. As far as I can tell, her birth record does not record a father.
I only have one H.E. for Ullrica prior to her marriage to Olof, from 1787-1788 in Dingtuna in a village called Gillberga. Perhaps this is how she acquired her surname. No other family is listed except her mother. All I have for her mother, Stina, is that she was born 17 Jul 1757 in Sweden.
I have the birth records for all of Olof and Ullrica's children, but only the death records for Johan and Franz.
My 2nd great-grandfather was Johan Gustaf.