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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A few prized pictures from the Bundock Line

Probably my most treasured of photos'. This is the only known picture of Emma Curtiss and her daughter, Lilla Florence. My 1st and 2nd great-grandmothers.

My 2nd great-grandfather, Rodolph Ambrose Spencer, with his brothers, John and Orra. Rodolph is on the right and John is on the left. Orra is standing behind them. John and Rodolph are wearing their Civil War medals. Orra was a Circuit Preacher.  Rodolph was married to Emma and his daughter was Lilla.

Our family believes this is Ambrose Spencer, father of John, Rodolph and Orra. The back of the photograph said R.A. Spencer, but after comparing other photo's of Rodolph with this one, it is believed it was mis-labeled and it is actually Ambrose. Ambrose was the husband of Mercy Ann Russell.

This is Joel Curtiss, the father of Kelsey Curtiss who was the father of Emma. Joel is my 4th great-grandfather.

This is Mary Hall, wife of Joel Curtiss and mother of Kelsey; grandmother of Emma. Mary is my 4th great-grandmother.