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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Switching Gears to Martha Nettleton

So, now I want to switch branches and move back to the Nettleton lineage through Martha, wife of Jonah Kelsey.
Martha, my 6th great-grandmother, is a bit of a pain (Sorry Grams!) in the available online records. There are a gazillion transcribed marriage records from the old Connecticut vital records for her marriage to Jonah in 1747. However, connecting her to her parents, Joseph Nettleton and Hannah Bushnell......what a pain. 
I really have found only one reference to her parents as being Joseph and Hannah. It is found in Volume 2 of A Genealogy of the Descendents of William Kelsey who settled at Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1632, at Hartford, Connecticut, in 1636, and at Killingworth, Connecticut, in 1663. 
Aside from that, I have found no other reference, to date, for Martha's parents. 
It is the same with Joseph and Hannah's children. I really don't think I have all of their children accounted for, as I only have five in my database. 
Their son, Joseph, married Hannah Kelsey, daughter of John Kelsey and Phebe Crane. Thus, Hannah was the sister of Isaac Kelsey, father of Martha's husband, Jonah. So, let me see if I can make this clear - Jonah's Aunt married his wife's brother, making her not only his Aunt, but his sister-in-law by marriage. Likewise with Martha - her sister-in-law was also her Aunt by marriage. 
Like I said.......a pain.
Another son I have for Joseph Nettleton and Hannah Bushnell is Jeremiah, who married Deborah Kelsey (don't ask).
I do not have any record for wives for their sons, Aron and John (thank goodness!).
Some researchers add another daughter, Hannah, who is reported to have married James Hill.
Joseph Nettleton - the one married to Hannah Bushnell......his parents were John Nettleton and Martha Hull. I have six children for them - Joseph, John, Samuel, Martha, George, and Josiah.
The only thing I'm going to say about their children is that some databases I've seen try to attach John's wife, Sarah Woodmansee, as another wife of his brother, Joseph, giving Joseph about 15 children with this "extra" marriage. All I have to say is No....Joseph never married his brother's wife. 
So, on my next post I want to follow Martha Hull's family branch with her mother, Elizabeth Loomis, and her grandmother, Mary White.