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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Robert White and Bridget Allgar

Robert and Bridget.
I don't find any debate for their descendancy, but there is quite a bit on the ancestors. That is for another time, though. For now, I want to talk about their descendents. There are a great many of them (naturally), but there is a unique and amazing aspect to them.
This will take several posts, so let's start with Robert, Bridget, and their children.
Robert White and Bridget Allgar were married in Shalford, Essex, England on the 24 June, 1585. Shalford was the birthplace of Bridget, and this is where the couple resided, although Robert died in Messing in 1617. It is unknown when Bridget passed on, but she was alive at the time of Robert's demise, being included in his will.
Also mentioned in his will is a son - Daniel. There is no record of Daniel in Shalford or the surrounding area, so it is assumed that he was Robert's son from a previous marriage. 
So, these are the children of Robert and Bridget - Sarah, Nathaniel, Mary, Elizabeth, Bridget, Anne/Anna/Roseanne, and John. All of these children, with the exception of John, can be found in the baptism records in Shalford (at least what I have been able to find online), although some researchers state that all can be found in Shalford's records. 
Sarah is believed to have married James Bowtell, and remained in England.
Nathaniel's marriage is unknown, but he did remain in England. His will of 1623, in Shalford, mentions his mother, Bridget. 
Bridget was another child of Robert and Bridget who remained in England, marrying John Christmas (or Christman, as some reseachers believe although the name in the records are transcribed as Christmas) and raising a family.
However, the children I would like to focus on are the ones who removed to the Colonies. They are:
Elizabeth, who married William Goodwin
Mary, who married Joseph Loomis (my branch)
John, who married Mary Leavitt
and, Anne, who married John Porter.
According to a news article in 2010, it is through these four children of Robert and Bridget that approximately 29 million Americans can claim their descendancy, the largest family group at that time. It's a pretty impressive group, too.