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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hull, Loomis, and White - Martha's Lineage

So, Martha Hull was one of 11 siblings (although I only have eight verified) who was born to Josiah Hull and Elizabeth Loomis. These children were: Josiah, John, Mary, Martha, Joseph, Naomi, George, and Thomas. The additional unverified children are Sarah, Rebecca, and Elizabeth.
Josiah (or Josias) was born in Crewkerne, England to George Hull and Thomasine (or Thomazine) Mitchell. His Uncle was the Rev. Thomas Hull. 
Josiah and Elizabeth married in Windsor, Connecticut where he served as Deputy to the legislature. 
When the family moved to Killingworth, Joseph served as Deputy as well as Lieutenant in the trainband and as Commissioner.
Elizabeth had been born in England to Joseph Loomis and Mary White. In 1638, she arrived with her parents and siblings in Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony on the Susan & Ellen
Joseph and Elizabeth had moved to Killingworth in 1663, helping the town to incorporate, thus making them original settlers.
Now, I want to move on to Mary White, Elizabeth's mother. 
First, I need to establish the children of Joseph Loomis and Mary White as I will be testing you at a later time......just kidding! But future posts will involve a few of their children. The couple had eight children: Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth, John, Thomas, Nathaniel, Mary, and Samuel.
Now, Mary White was the daughter of Robert White and Bridget Allgar. She was born in Essex, England (as was Joseph). Her father was a man of considerable means, so it must be that Joseph, in his trade as a "woolen draper", must have done quite well in his shop near Braintree.
So, in summary, Josiah and Elizabeth are my 9th great-grandparents; Joseph and Mary are my 10th great-grandparents; and, Robert and Bridget are my 11th great-grandparents.
Now, it is through Robert and Bridget that I learned a lot of interesting (and cool) information this past week. So, stay tuned, because the fun has just begun.