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The Beginning

So, this is Dad and Mom. Ray is the son of Conrad Herrmann and Kate Bundock. He is the step-son of Edith Armstrong and Wally Hewitt. ...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Robert/Bridget Connection to the Loomis Gang

Robert White/Bridget Allgar


Mary White/Joseph Loomis
Elizabeth Loomis/Josiah Hull
Martha Hull/John Nettleton
Joseph Nettleton/Hannah Bushnell
Martha Nettleton/Jonah Kelsey
Hannah Kelsey/Joel Curtis
Joel Curtiss/Mary Hall
Kelsey Curtiss/Eliza Sutliff
Emma Curtiss/Rodolph Spencer
Lilla Spencer/George Bundock
Kate Bundock/Conrad Herrmann
Ray Herrmann/Esther Bjorkman
Myself and My Siblings

Mary White/Joseph Loomis
John Loomis/Elizabeth Ann Scott
Daniel Loomis/Mary Ellsworth
Rhoda Maria Mallet Loomis
Daniel Loomis, Jr/Elizabeth Barber
Daniel Loomis III/Sarah Eno
Daniel Loomis IV/Sarah Crawford
George Washington Loomis Sr/Rhoda Marie 
George Washington "Wash" Loomis Jr/Hannah

Wash Loomis, Jr
Wash, along with his parents, and siblings - Harriett, Calista, William, Cornelia, Grove, Ella,
Wheeler, Mary, Plumb, and Denio - are my 6th Cousins 5x removed (parents are my 5th Cousins 6x removed).
Amos Plumb Loomis

Grove Lawrence Loomis
Cornelia Marie Loomis