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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Isaac Kelsey and Jane Crane - Cousins

As the Crane family enters my family tree, it becomes a bit interesting (and confusing). 
See, Jonah Kelsey's parents were Isaac Kelsey and Jane Crane.
Isaac Kelsey spent his entire life in Killingworth - from the time he was born in 1699 until the time of his death in 1751. He is buried in the Old Southwest Cemetery.
Jane Crane, like her husband, spent her entire life in Killingworth, also - from her birth in 1701 until her death in 1776. She, too, is buried in the Old Southwest Cemetery. 
Isaac and Jane are my 7th great-grandparents.
I have 6 children for them - the three oldest boys are Silvanus, Jonah, Reuben, their only daughter Phebe, and the two younger boys, Isaac and Aaron.
Now, comes the interesting, and confusing part of my Crane family line. Isaac's parents were John Kelsey and Phebe Crane. Jane's parent's were John Crane and Martha Daggett (originally Doggett). Not so confusing yet, just interesting that Isaac's mother and Jane's father were both Cranes.
But, they share the same grandparents, because Isaac's maternal grandparents were Henry Crane and Concurrence Meigs AND Jane's paternal grandparent's were Henry Crane and Concurrence Meigs. Yes, Isaac and Jane were first cousins.
Naturally, this made their children not only siblings but 2nd Cousins to one another - and on down the descendent line, also.
I once told my Dad that not only were we father and daughter but we were also 10th cousins, he got mad at me. Hahaha, he told me never to say that to him again. 
So, Isaac's parents, John Kelsey and Phebe Crane, and Jane's parents, John Crane and Martha Daggett, were my 8th set of great-grandparents.
This makes Henry Crane and Concurrence Meigs my 9th great-grandparents. 
It also makes Henry my second ancestor to have been one of the twelve original settlers of Killingworth.

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