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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hannah Kelsey - Who's daughter was she?

So, who were the parents of my 5th great-grandmother, Hannah Kelsey?
Well, I found three possibilities in the indexed records of old Connecticut for Killingworth. Two of these Hannah Kelseys were born in 1755, and one in 1757.
The first Hannah was born in Jul of 1755 and was the daughter of Isaac Kelsey and Hannah Bushnell.  The second Hannah was born in Aug of 1755 and was the daughter of another Isaac. I believe this Isaac to be the brother of Jonah. Isaac had married Martha Wilcox.
The third Hannah was born in 1757, probably in August or September of that year as the baptism records the date of September 18th.
So, three Hannah's are born in Killingworth in the 1750s. Which one is my Hannah?
Let's go back to her marriage to Joel. 
Hannah and Joel married in 1787 in Killingworth and moved to Wallingford where Joel resided. I know of only two children for them - Hannah and Joel. The Hale Collection of Newspapers and Cemetery Inscriptions places Hannah's death in Wallingford in 1839 at the age of 82 with a birth year of about 1757, and other abstracts from old Connecticut records place her burial in the Center Cemetery in Wallingford with the same vital information as stated above, with the exception of the death year - 1838 instead of 1839. 
Now, indexed church records from the First Congregational Church in Killingworth which was alphabetized into 4 volumes records Hannah and Freelove, daughters of Jonah, deceased, owned the covenant (basically, placing themselves in commitment to the Church) in 1781. This is taken from Volume 2 page 51. Also in Volume 2, page  70 records the marriage of Hannah and Joel in 1787.  Page 68 of the same Volume records Freelove's marriage to Samuel Hull in 1781. Volume 2, also, on pages 37 and 55, respectively, record the baptisms of Freelove and Hannah with Jonah and Jonas listed as father. I believe Jonas is Jonah and that it might be a transcription error. 
So, the bottom line is, between Hannah's marriage record, baptisim record, o.c. record, and obituary newspaper records, I believe that my Hannah was the daughter of Jonah Kelsey and Martha Nettleton.