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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recent Finds in the Sjöholm Branch

I recently took advantage of a 3 month subscription offer to ArkivDigital. Even though I already have access to many of the records on ArkivDigital through my subscription on Ancestry.com, I still like to get Arkiv when I can afford it. 
Arkiv has many records that are later than 1910, and the records are clearer and easier to read. Arkiv has many records, also, that go beyond the basic birth, death, marriage, moving in, moving out, and household examinations. So, when I can, I like to get a subscription and take advantage of all that Ancestry doesn't have in their databases for Swedish records.
So, I found a few items, so far, that I had been searching for, but could never find. 
The biggest discovery was for Catharina Larsdötter Sjöholm - my 4th great grandmother. She had given bith to two illegitimate children - Catharina and Olof, my 3rd great-grandfather. Catharina, the daughter, died at a young age. But I lost track of Catharina after 1790. I could not find her anywhere at all. 
So, I went back to that last household examination where she was recorded in the house of her father, Lars, and step-mother, Catharina. Her son, Olof, was also in the same H.E. 
After further examination of this H.E., I discovered a name place under the moving out column. Unfortunately, I couldn't read it, so I called upon my Facebook Group that helps with deciphering these Swedish records. One of the members in my group thought it could be Kvistbro, another parish in Örebro 
The H.E.'s were missing for the time frame that I needed, but the marriage records were there. Lo and behold, there she was! Catharina married Ingvald Jonssön in Kvistbro on the 14 of April, 1793. The record is as follows:

Once again, after this record, I lost her. But I was excited to have found this record, and excited to discover that my 4th great-grandmother had finally married. The search is now on as to whether she had any more children.

Another great discovery was with my 3rd great-grandparents - Catharina's son, Olof, and his wife, Ulrica Gillberg. 
I lost track of Olof after the H.E. of his grandfather, Lars, in 1790, where Olof resided along with his mother. He popped up next in Maria Magdalena, a parish of Stockholm, on an H.E. for 1832-1833 which also recorded his death on the 24th of May, 1833. 
I had run across a moving out record for Maria Magdalena for 1812 that contained another place name to where he was moving to - but I could not read it. So, I called upon the help of my Facebook friends once again. It turned out to be Skeppsholm, another parish in Stockholm. 
And it was in that parish where Olof and Ulrica married on the 25 day of October, 1812. I even found a Banns for them on 2 October, 1812. 

The Banns for Olof and Ulrica

The marriage record for Olof and Ulrica

I still have about 2 and a half months left on my subscription, so I am hoping to find more answers to my questions on other family members - both from the Sjöholm branch and the Bjorkman/Bjerkmann branch. But even if I don't, these wonderful finds made the price of subscription well worth it!