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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Progress in Olof's Timeline

I have made great progress in the timeline of my 3rd great-grandfather, Olof Sjöholm. 
As I mentioned in my last post, I lost track of him after 1790 where he appears with his mother, Catharina, in the home of his grandfather, Lars. 
His mother moved to Kvistbro and married, but there is no evidence that Olof moved with her - a little strange as Olof was about 3 years old at the time, but the H.E. does not show him moving out at all with his mother. 

The H.E. for 1787 to 1790 in Nora shows Olof in the home of his grandfather, Lars. Note that his mother moves to Kvistbro, but no record of Olof moving there with her.

The next record I have found for Olof has been a Moving In record for 1809 from Örebro in Katarina. Now, this is where it begins to get a bit confusing.
Olof moves into Katarina in 1809. Ulrica moves into Katarina in 1810. 

Ulrica moves into Katarina in 1810

I will have to search for it again, but I did come across an H.E. for 1810 or 1811 where Olof and Ulrica are living in the same household. I believe they may have been lodgers as neither are related to the household owner. I also believe that this was, most likely, where they met for the first time. 
In 1811, Olof moves out of Katarina and moves into Maria Magdalena. I have only been able to find the Moving Out record from Katarina. I still do not have any records of where he went in Maria or why. 
In September of 1812, he moves out of Maria Magdalena and moves back to Katarina. He doesn't stay long, as he must move into Skeppsholm by 2 October, as Banns are recorded for his marriage to Ulrica on 25 October.
In January of 1813, the couple move into Klara from Steppsholm. This is where Catharina Sofia, their first child is born, although I have not found a birth record for her yet.  In October, the family moves into Maria Magdalena where they remain until Olof passes away in 1833. 
I still have records to research for Olof's timeline, but what I have so far pretty much can track his movements from birth to death.