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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bartholomew Mitchell - also known as Bartley

So, now I get to Bartholomew Mitchell, otherwise known as Bartley. 
Bartley, son of Bernard and Jane, is the progenitor of my brothers' lineage. and his birth order lies between being younger than his brother, Michael, but older than his sister, Bridget.
According to the passenger list from New York, Bartley arrived in January of 1864 on the Neptune. He settled in Whiteside County and it was there, in 1869, that he married Mary Gaffey, daughter of Thomas Gaffey and Mary Burke.  Mary arrived in 1863 at the age of 16, according to the 1900 U.S. Federal Census. However, the 1920 Federal Census reports the year as 1864. I have yet to find a passenger list for Mary.
Bartley and Mary made their home in Whiteside County, but as did the other Mitchell siblings, they moved to Crawford County sometime around 1879. 
Bartley and Mary had nine children - Jennie Agnes, Katherine, Mary Ann, Bernard Edward, Margaret, Elizabeth, Winifred, Bartholomew James, and Agnes. 
I will go through each of them, leaving Bartholomew James, my brother's grandfather, for last.
Jennie Agnes was born in Illinois, but was living in Iowa at the time of her marriage to Emil Kruger. Emil was a widower with three children (a fourth child had died in childhood), and his marriage to Jennie produced three more children.
Emil died in 1906 in Crawford County. By the 1910 U.S. Federal Census, Jennie had moved to Omaha with the children. 
The Census reports that even Emil's three oldest children from his first marriage to Johanna Sachau moved to Omaha with their step-mother, Jennie, even though Louis and John were in their early 20s, and Ella was seventeen years old. Also included in this census were the three youngest children of Emil and Jennie. They were Bartholomew, Emily and James. 
Emil and Jennie did have a fourth child together, Arnold, but he died at the age of 2 years.
Jennie died in 1952, still residing in Omaha. However, her remains were taken to Crawford County for burial.
I have the death dates for all but two of the children - Etta and James. I am still researching them. 
The second child of Bartley and Mary was Katherine....or Kate, as she was known. Kate married Michael John Hickey and had 6 children, all but one being boys. They were Leo, Frances, Edward, Melvin, Merle, and Joseph. It is reported in Kate's obituary that there was another daughter, Mary Ellen, who died at the age of six months.
Michael and Kate raised their children in Crawford County. In 1939 (per Kate's obit), they moved to Carroll County. Shortly thereafter, they moved to Greene County. It was in that county where Kate passed away. 
After the death of his wife, Michael lived with his sons, Leo and John (Joseph). The three of them moved to Guthrie County in 1952, and it was there that Michael died two years later. Both Michael and Kate are buried in Crawford County.
I am still researching the third child of Bartley and Mary - their daughter, Mary Ann. The 1880 Federal Census and the 1885 Iowa State Census report as her having been born about 1875. Her gravestone, which only reports her nickname of "Mamie" records her birth year as 1873. Those are the only records I could find for her. More than likely, she was born in Whiteside County and died in Crawford County in 1890. Her gravestone, bearing only the name "Mamie" with "1873-1890" is in St. Ann's in Crawford County. 
Bernard Edward was the first son born to Bartley and Mary. He married first to Kathryn Agnes O'Conner, daughter of Anthony and Margaret Anne. The couple's only daughter (and only child of Bernard), Cathryne, was born in Nebraska. Eight days after her birth, Kathryn died in South Dakota. I can only surmise that the cause, or a contributing factor, to her demise was due to traveling too soon after giving birth.
Bernard's second marriage was to Emma Conner. Bernard's daughter, Cathryne, married Jamers Werner and they had one son, Robert. 
Bernard died in Carroll County in 1937.
The fourth daughter of Bartley and Mary was Margaret, also known as Maggie. Maggie married Henry Clausen. They had one son, John Henry. 
Maggie preceded her husband in death in 1921. Henry went on to marry Lulu Webb and removed to Washington State. 
John Henry married and had one daughter. He died in 1945 in Oregon.
Daughter Elizabeth married Claude Paine in 1899. They had a daughter, Viola, and two sons - Cletus and Floyd. 
Sometime prior to 1910, Claude and Elizabeth moved to South Dakota. Claude died in 1935, Elizabeth in 1966. Their daughter, Viola, married Francis Sweeney and had 4 children. Cletus married Joy Aalseth.  It appears they had no children. Floyd married Alpha Walker and they had 4 children.
Daughter Winnifred married William Henry Baumer. They had 8 children - John, William, Joseph, Marion, Regina, Robert, Winnifred and Madeline. I wrote in an earlier post about Winnie and posted the article concerning her death. Husband William died in 1943 and there is no indication that he remarried. 
Skipping over Bartholomew James, who will be covered in the next post, is the youngest child of Bartley and Mary - Agnes. 
Agnes married Francis Holland and they had two daughters - Maxine and Leah.
According to newspaper accounts, Francis and Agnes appeared to have resided in Crawford County their entire married life. Their daughter, Maxine, married John J. Morrissey and had 3 sons. Daughter Leah married Delmar Oester and had 4 children, although one is suspect (name taken from a news article) and could be the middle name of one of the children. 
Both Maxine and Leah resided with their families in Lee County, Illinois. There are a number of news articles that report the families visiting their parents (and vice versa). 
Agnes died in 1971 in Lee County. Her obit states that Francis proceeded her in death, but I have been unable to find a record or news article on his passing. I have narrowed it to after 1858 and before 1971. I am assuming (but have not recorded it in the tree) that Francis died in Crawford County (a grave marker is there with both his and Agnes' name but no dates)  and that Agnes moved to Lee County after the death of her husband to be closer to her children. 
Next post to follow this one are the various news articles found in my research for Bartley and Mary's family (not including son, Bartholomew James. That comes in following posts).