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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bernard F Mitchell - The Youngest

I've now arrived at the youngest son (and who I have as the youngest child, too) of Bernard and Jane - Bernard F. Mitchell.
Bernard arrived in the U.S. in 1874, and like most of his siblings, settled in Whiteside County in Illinois.
In 1878, he married Catherine Flynn, daughter of Peter Flynn and Anastasia Maher. It was Catherine's sister, Elizabeth, who married Tommy Giblin, son of Michael Giblin and Margaret Mitchell (thus making Bernard and Tommy not only 1st cousins, but brothers-in-law as well).
At some point after 1880 and before 1885, Bernard and Catherine moved to Crawford County in Illinois.
They had 6 children - William, Bernard, Mabel, Edward, Gertrude and Florence.
Mabel died at the age of two.
William appears to have remained a bachelor during his life. He registered during WWI, but I can find no proof that he served in the military.  The 1920 Census has him living with his parents in Vail, and the 1930 Census living in the home of his sister, Gertrude, and her family. I have yet to find him in the 1940 Census. William died in 1954 and is buried in Vail, Iowa.
Bernard, the second oldest of Bernard and Catherine, married Mayme Harrington in 1914. I do not have any record that they had any children. With the exception of a brief move to Mason City, Bernard and Mayme spent most of their years in Crawford County, including their last years. Both of them are buried in Vail. 
As I mentioned, Bernard and Catherine's daughter, Mabel, died young.

Their son, Edward Earl, married Marcella Byrnes. The couple had six children. They spent most of their lives in Ames, Iowa. In their later years they moved to the Los Angeles area where Marcella passed away in 1962. Edward moved to Arizona, and died there in 1973.

Edward and Marcella's son, Donald.

Daughter Gertrude married John Byrnes, brother of Marcella. The couple had four children. They lived in Crawford County, later moving to Ames in Story County, Iowa. 

The youngest child of Bernard and Catherine, Florence, married Malcolm Harding. I have been unable to find any children for them. Malcolm died in San Pedro, California, but is buried in Ames, Iowa. This is where Florence moved to after her husband's death, and where she herself passed away in 1979. 

Catherine died in 1921, and Bernard in 1923. The couple are buried together in Saint Ann's Cemetery in Vail, as is their sons William and Bernard.