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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ellen Regina Welch Mitchell Orgins

It's easy to get sidetracked on paternal lines. In the records, they are, for the most part, easier to research. But one must not forget the maternal branches. After all, they do make up one half of a family unit.
Ellen surrounded by her Grandchildren
Ellen Welch was born in 1888 to James C Welch and Mary Carroll. I think we can safely assume that she was born in Marshalltown, Iowa since her parents married and resided there from 1880 until their deaths.
Ellen had four siblings - Josephine, Charles Carroll, Marie Frances, and Catherine Margaret. All having been born in Marshalltown.
Her sister, Josephine, resided in Marshall County all of her life. She married John Macklin in 1909, and, together, they had seven children. 
Her brother, Charles Carroll Welch, died at the young age of 15 and is buried in Marshalltown.
Marie Frances married William Charles White, 1919, in Crawford County. For a time they resided in Marshalltown before moving to San Diego, California. They had four children with the first two born in Iowa, and the last two born in California. William and Marie are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in San Diego, California.
The youngest daughter of James and Mary, Catherine, married Maurice Francis Jackson in Marshall County, and they, too, moved to San Diego. It was there that they had their family of four children. Except, maybe, their son, Maurice, Jr, who records his birth place as Marshalltown on all of his records.
Maurice and Catherine both died in San Diego County, but the location of the graves are unknown as of this post.

Ellen's Obituary
Ellen's father, James, was born in Vernon, Indiana to James Welch and Bridget McCarrick.  Both of his parents were born in Ireland. Some of his siblings were born in Ireland, some in New York, and some in Indiana. His siblings were David, John, Mary, Bridget, Thomas, Catherine, Martin, and Ellen.
Mary Anne's baptismal Record
from County Kilkenny, Ireland
Ellen's mother, Mary Anne, was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland to Daniel Carroll and Mary Phelan. Any siblings are unknown as of this post.