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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Two Marchael Connections to the Van Cleaves

This is just an interesting little note on the double connection between the Van Cleaves and the Marchaels.
I'll start with Henrietta Van Cleave and her fourth marriage to Edward Albert Marchael. 
Edward was born to Walter Scott Marchael and Sarah Jane Hudlow. Edward had seven siblings, including sisters Annie Bell and Ida Mary.
Maggie, daughter of Henrietta, married as her first husband, William Cornelious Armstrong. William was the son of William Cornelous Armstrong and Annie Bell Marchael. When his mother passed away, her sister, Ida Mary, became his stepmother. 
Which means Maggie's step-Aunts - Annie Bell and Ida Mary - were also her mother-in-law (Annie Bell) and step-mother-in-law (Ida Mary).
Just thought that was an interesting little tidbit.