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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Grandma Herrmann's Mother: Margurette Mae Morris

Grandma Herrmann's mother, Maggie Morris, was the daughter of James C Morris and Henrietta Van Cleave. 
First, I want to say that Allan Wenzel is the foremost authority on the Van Cleave family. He has authored a 5 volume book on them. The volumes were privately published and, I'm sure, access to them is very difficult. Even so, I will attempt only to touch upon Henrietta's family branch and use only those photographs that were in the possession of my grandmother, Edith.
Now, with that being said, I have one more personal opinion. I think it would have been a trip to know Maggie and her mother, Etta. In my mind, these were two very strong-minded, independent women (which is where I think Grandma Herrmann acquired the same characteristics). Now, stick with me on this - Grandma Herrmann was born in 1909. Her mother, Maggie, was born in 1888. Her grandmother, Etta, was born in 1871. These three generations had 12 marriages between them - and during an era where divorce was frowned upon (taboo). 
Now, I have to say I kinda get a kick out of this. Basically, because they didn't adhere to society rule. But, also (at this time having a bit of an evil streak where men are concerned), I love the idea that they had the philosophy that if one relationship didn't work out than just toss it aside and try again. 
Grandma Herrmann only had two marriages - Harvey/Harry/Robert Copper and Grandpa Herrmann. Maggie had four marriages - Grandma's father William, Guy Wine, Albert Clayter and Lawrence Higdon. She divorced William and Albert, but it is unknown if she remained married to Lawrence (her last husband). It is said that Grandpa Wine was the love of her life and the marriage lasted until his death in 1946. 
Grandma Wine's only child was her daughter, Edith.
Now, Maggie's mother, Etta, was married six times. I will go into that on my next post on the Van Cleave and Morris families. 
Unfortunately, Maggie's father, James C Morris, died about 4-5 months before Maggie was born. Maggie's Bible notes that James was on his way to Oklahoma when he was shot in Eldorado, Kansas. The family story says that it was during a robbery, but it was not the bullet that killed him. He fell from his horse and the horse either kicked him in the head or he hit it on a rock (can't quite remember which it was). I believe I also remember someone saying that Etta and James had separated at the time.
From what I've heard, Maggie spent a great deal of her younger years with her grandfather, Jesse James Cardwell Van Cleave and her mother's siblings. It was said that she was close to her Uncle James Wickliffe Van Cleave and her half-brother, Vernon Pierce. There is a note in her Bible that mentions a potato masher that Vernon carved for her from a walnut tree on her Uncle James property. If I remember correctly (which my memory is dicey at times), my cousin has that potato masher. 
I remember when I was younger, shortly after I became interested in family history research, we were having one of our summer visits to Grandma Herrmann's mobile home in Sacramento. I had asked Grandma about her family. She disappeared down the hallway and reappeared with this tiny, black 3 ringed notebook. Each page inside this notebook represented a family member and included their name, birthdate and, sometimes, other info. Under Maggie's page, Grandma had written that the day Maggie divorced William Armstrong was the same day she married Guy Wine. I'm not sure how true that is since the divorce was finalized in Iowa and Grandpa and Grandma Wine married in Medford, Oklahoma. 
Anyhow, Grandpa Wine died in Portola in 1946. Grandma Wine died in 1958 in Sacramento. They are buried side by side at East Lawn Cemetery in Sacramento.
I think I will always be fascinated by this 3 generation set of strong-minded women. They didn't care about societies role for the "fairer" sex. They did what they wanted in life - and damn the rules.  

 Maggie with her Mother, Etta, and her brother, Vernon Pierce

                                                                                                                         Maggie Mae Morris

Maggie with her brothers, Clarence, Vernon, Carl and Albert

Grandma Herrmann and her Mother, Maggie

Pages from Grandma Wine's Bible