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Thursday, January 30, 2014

We Interrupt The Mitchells for a Word from the Norgren Branch

I will get back to the Mitchell branch soon (I am doing a little research before continuing), but I just wanted to file a report on an update for the Norgren Branch (Specifically - Maria Eriksdotter Norgren):
"This is Carol reporting from the Nav Station on s/v Moonlight Sue. 
Yesterday afternoon - at approximately 4:10 pm (or so) - I decided to check out the new databases on Ancestry.com that were shared by familysearch.com in a new agreement between the two websites. Within these new databases was one for Norway Burials. Oooooo....I love this. 
See, the two websites have two totally different criteria for searching when entering ancestor information. So, I entered various surnames for my Norwegian branch - really not expecting anything new as I "thought" I had covered the database extensively on familysearch. 
When I previewed the hits for Norgren, to my surprise, there was the name - Maria Norgren. 
Here is the transcribed record that I found:

Name: Maria Norgren

Gender: Female

Marital status: Widowed

Death Place: Oslo, Norway
Burial Date: 20 jun 1896
Burial Place: Sagene/Uranienborg/etc./, Oslo, Norway
FHL Film Number: 1283270
Reference ID: bk 5 p 147 n 36

Could this actually be our Maria? The Maria we 

(myself, my cousin in Norway and my cousin in Utah)

spent so many months searching for a death record? 

The Maria who sent a letter to her daughter in Utah so

many years ago, than no one heard from her again?

I contacted my cousin in Norway via FB and sent the 

above info to get her opinion on it. Unfortunately, I 

disturbed her dinner, but she was so excited that my 

imagination ran wild and I could picture her eating her

dinner at record pace so that she could rush to her 

computer and begin her search for the actual records.

I did a little searching, but the time came for my late 

afternoon sundowners on deck and dinner 

preparations right afterwards, so I had to wait for 

later in the evening to catch up with the search.

By the time I got back, she had found the death 

record - and it was our Maria!

I believe we may have caused the Earth's axis to go 

awry as we bounced up and down in glee over the 

discovery, because she not only found her death

record, but she also found her in the 1875 and 1885

Norway Census records.

A snip from the record. Maria passed away 16 Jun 1896 in Fredrikstad. This record has her maiden name and her birth year - two facts that confirm she is our Maria!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled Mitchell blog post - which will arrive as soon as I get the info ready.

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