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Friday, May 27, 2016

Guess What? More Cousin Connections

Yeah, I know, I know. Getting old. But I wanted to get all the cousin connections recorded before moving on. 
I found two more from the White-Allgar branch, and there is more from the Mayhew/Mahieu branch.
Here is the two newly discovered cousins. Both are
10th Cousins 1x removed.

Christopher Reeve

David Hyde Pierce

So, let's play "catch-up" on some other cousin connections through Robert White and Bridget Allgar.

William Sidney Porter
aka O. Henry
Author of one of my favorite stories, "Gift of the Magi"
8th Cousin 4x removed

Samuel Colt
Founder of the Colt Firearm
6th Cousin 5x removed

Gordon B. Hinckley
Past President of the Church of Latter Day Saints
7th Cousin 4x removed

Joseph Farwell Glidden
Inventor of Barbed Wire
5th Cousin 4x removed

Henry Wells
Businessman involved with Wells Fargo and Co., and American Express
6th Cousin 5x removed

I do have more, but I have not added them to the family tree yet. I will post when they're added.